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Women's Studies Institute of China (WSIC), established in January 1991 and sponsored by the All-China Women's Federation, is a national institution specializing in comprehensive studies on women and gender issues. Tan Lin is director, who also serves as member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), and Du Jie is deputy director of the institute. Previous directors include Tao Chunfang and Li Qiufang.

The WSIC insists that women's studies help, under the guidance of Marxism, in the formulation and carrying out of law and policy, and lead women's movements and work in the right direction. It administrates studies in an open way that involves social participation. The institute's development strategy is to make great achievements and foster outstanding talents. The WSIC has conducted studies on women's theories, history, empiricism and laws and regulations. It has also made comparisons of domestic and foreign women's theories from a multidisciplinary perspective, sparing no efforts to promote women's development and gender equality.

The WSIC comprises eight departments. They are: the General Office, Research Affairs Office, Information Center, Women's Theory Studies Section, Women's History Studies Section, Policy and Law Studies Section, International Women's Studies Section and the Collection of Women's Studies Editorial Department.

The WSIC has 32 permanent workers of an average age of 39.9, of whom 79% have Master degrees or PhDs in philosophy, economics, law, literature, history, management, political science, sociology, demography, ethnic studies and women's studies. The institute has 24 research workers, accounting for 75% of the total, whose average age is 39.1, and of whom 67% are less than 45 years old. Ten of them (42%) have senior professional titles and 11 (46%) have middle level professional titles.

Over the years, the WSIC has consistently paid close attention to women's development and gender equality issues in socio-economic, political and cultural contexts. A number of important research projects have been carried out on such topics as women's theory studies under socialism with Chinese characteristics and surveys on women's social status; studies and applications of gender equality and women's development indicators in building a well-off society; promoting gender equality in formulating and implementing laws and regulations; history of Chinese women's movement; studies of advanced gender culture; women's participation in politics; mass media and women's development; women's reproductive health; reproductive health publicity projects; women's human resource development in western china; promoting gender equality; increasing gender mainstreaming with the 3+1 mechanism; Almanac of Chinese Women's Studies; organizational capacity building of women's federations; and trainings on social gender and development.
The WSIC has also sponsored important national and international symposiums on women's issues, such as the Seminar on the Past 50 Years of Theories of Chinese Women; Beijing +5 and Beijing +10 Non-Governmental Forum; the Second Seminar on Chinese Women's Social Status; Seminar on Chinese Women's Participation in Politics; Forum on the Promotion of Chinese Women's Health; Seminar on Mass Media and Women's Development; Forum on Women's Employment in China; Seminar on Gender Equality at the Primary Stage of Socialism; Seminar on Building a Well-off Society and Promoting Gender Equality; High-level Forum on Promoting Women's/Gender Studies into the Mainstream of China's Social Sciences Research; Seminar on Building New Socialist Countryside and Gender Equality: Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Research; Seminar on Gender Equality and Social Harmony: Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Research; Seminar on Regulations on Labor Protection for Female Workers; Seminar on Retirement at Same Age and International Conference on Gender and Social Transformation: Global, Transitional and Local Realities and Perspectives.

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