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Rise in Women's Employment
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2011-6-29-
Title: Rise in Women's Employment
Release Date: June 27, 2011
Keyword: women's empolyment, the 20th Annual International Women Economics Meeting

Chinese women's economic participation channels and situations have made great progress in the past 15 years, Tan Lin, secretary general of Women's Studies Institute of China, said last Friday at the 20th Annual International Women Economics Meeting.

Data shows that China's total working population stands at 758 million, of which 337 million are women workers, representing 44.8% of the total increasing  5.6% compared with the year 2000.

In 2009 the proportion had risen to 46%.

At present Chinese women's economic participation rate is 61.33%, just 13.37 % lower than their male counterparts.

When talking about main policy development since the Beijing World Women's Conference in 1995, Tan said that China is forming a people-centered development philosophy and framework, and that livelihood issues, including employment and social security, are main focuses of development.

"This is mainly reflected in the enactment of relevant laws and policies to promote equal employment, government and non-governmental organization cooperation on protecting women's labor rights and interests and the rapid development of social security for both urban and rural women." Tan said.

Medical insurance for urban residents now also includes casual and domestic women workers. The number and proportion of women with access to social security are increasing.

In 2009 99.04 million women participated in urban basic old-age insurance, 93.38 million in basic medical insurance, 47.87 million in unemployment insurance, 52.79 million in injury insurance and 47.11 million in maternity insurance, respective increases over 2005 of 26%, 74%, 19%, 95% and 101%.

Chinese women's economic participation, however, still faces challenges, in so far as legal policy and its implementation mechanisms are still inadequate.  The government also needs to further promote gender equality in the economic sphere, as employment inequalities still exist. There is moreover a high proportion of casual employment, a lower level of formal employment, expanding occupational segregation, and issues to address on women's rights and interests as related to population migration. Tan Lin concluded in her speech.

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