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UN Security Council Urged to Keep Empowering Women
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2012-2-24-
Title: UN Security Council Urged to Keep Empowering Women
Release Date: Feb. 24, 2012
Keyword: UN, security council, empowering women

India on Thursday said it was "both critical and urgent" that the UN Security Council continue to empower women as they share the "double burden of inequality and marginalization."

India made the statement when Hardeep Singh Puri, India's permanent representative to the UN, addressed the 15-nation Security Council on the open debate of women and peace and security.

"Globalization has affected both men and women, but women bear the double burden of inequality and marginalization," Puri said. " Empowering them is, therefore, both crucial and urgent."

He highlighted that it was a "matter of deep regret that the international community has to repeatedly debate the issue of sexual and other forms of violence against women and girls in situations of armed conflict."

"This abhorrent behavior has to unequivocally, unambiguously and resolutely condemned, whether perpetrated by the parties to the armed conflict or others," Puri said.

He called on the Council to "consider, in practical terms, how the non-state actors, which are responsible for the bulk of the crimes that continue to be committed against women, can be effectively tackled."

"In considering the role of women in peace and security, the Council, I am certain will bear in mind this wider perspective of women empowerment, development and peace," Puri said.

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