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Beijing Holds Women's Consumption Summit
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2012-2-27-
Title: Beijing Holds Women's Consumption Summit
Release Date: Feb.24, 2012
Keyword: Women's Consumption Summit, Beijing, ACWF

The 7th China Women's Consumption Summit was held in Beijing yesterday under the theme of 'Improving Women's Quality of Life, Promoting Healthy Family Consumption'. 

The General Counsel of Huakun Women's Consumption Guidance Center Hong Tianhui delivers a speech.[]

Released at the summit were the results of the 2011 China Family Consumption Survey and the 6th Chinese Urban Women's Quality of Life Survey.

According to latest statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics in 2011, there are currently more than 400 million families and 650 million women in China, indicating that women and families are China's main consumers.

According to interviews with women from ten cities, women scored their quality of life at an average of 79.2. Approximately 35.8% of urban women contribute to family incomes, 61.7% are content with their current jobs and 85.3% are unhappy because of low salary, career competition and hard work. Nevertheless, 71.1% still rate their lives as fairly happy. Sources of happiness are family health, family harmony and children's health. Sources of anxiety stem from rising cost of living, high house prices and low family incomes.

Present at the summit was Vice Chairwoman of the Standing Committee of 10th National People's Congress of China Gu Xiulian who delivered a speech. She said that the committee will help women to enhance and promote healthy consumption habits for the development of the national economy.

The General Counsel of Huakun Women's Consumption Guidance Center Hong Tianhui said in her speech that they should promote family health consumption and improve women's quality of life through publicity efforts and surveys.

Also in attendance were Member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women's Federation Fan Jiying, Head of the ACWF's Publicity Department Wang Weiguo, Deputy Secretary General of China Consumers' Association Dong Zhuli and President of Women of China Magazine Han Xiangjing. Also present were officials from relevant departments and about 200 journalists from different media outlets.

The summit was jointly hosted by the ACWF's Publicity Department, the China Consumers' Association, China Research Society of Family Culture, Women of China Magazine, Huakun Women's Consumption Guidance Center and the Huakun Women's Life Survey Center.

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