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China Calls for Preventive Diplomacy in Protecting Women's Rights
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2012-2-27-
Title: China Calls for Preventive Diplomacy in Protecting Women's Rights
Source: xinhua
Release Date: Feb.24, 2012
Keyword: preventive diplomacy, women's rights, China

A Chinese envoy to the United Nations on Thursday called on the UN Security Council to safeguard women's rights and interests by engaging in preventive diplomacy.

Addressing a Security Council open debate on women, peace and security, Wang Min, China's deputy permanent representative to the UN, said China condemns all violence against women in armed conflicts, including sexual violence.

"To avoid and lessen harm suffered by women in armed conflicts, we should first of all prevent wars and reduce conflicts," he stressed.

Governments bear the primary responsibility in protecting women, and combating sexual violence, Wang said. "While the international community could provide constructive assistance, external support must comply with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, and fully respect the sovereignty of the country concerned."

In addition, it is necessary to promote women's participation in the peace process and further tap their potentials.

"China supports women play a bigger role in preventing and solving conflicts, as well as in the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction," Wang said.

The envoy also highlighted women's role in development. "To fundamentally solve various problems including sexual violence, attention must be paid to promoting economic and social development, eradicating root causes of conflicts and realizing the comprehensive development of women," he said. "We hope that the special representative of the secretary- general on sexual violence in conflicts would work strictly in accordance of the mandate of the Security Council, and play a constructive role in properly addressing the sexual violence in armed conflicts," Wang added.

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