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85% Support Anti-Domestic Violence Legislation
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2012-3-15-
Title: 85% Support Anti-Domestic Violence Legislation
Release Date: March 14,2012
Keyword: anti-domestic violence, legislation, women

The Women of China Magazine and the ACWF Department for Women's Rights and Interests held a press conference yesterday to release the results of a survey on public attitudes towards anti-domestic violence legislation.

Jiang Yue'e, director-general of the Department for Women's Rights and Interests of the All-China Women's Federation, announced the results at the conference. Jiang also said that the ACWF has made sustained efforts to fight against domestic violence.

The survey collected 1,025 valid survey samples from 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country.

Men account for 41.2% of the interviewees and women 58.8%. The average age of the interviewees is 38.9 years. Unmarried people account for 24.2% of interviewees, married people 71.4% and divorcees, widows and widowers 4.4%.

The survey covered four aspects, including public awareness of domestic violence, recognition of the illegality of domestic violence, attitudes towards the importance of anti-domestic violence efforts and attitudes towards the promotion of anti-domestic violence legislation.

The survey shows that while 87.3% of interviewees have heard of domestic violence, a minority of 12.7% have never heard of it. In terms of segmentation by education level, approximately 91.7% of interviewees with college degrees have heard of it, while the figure is 64.4% for interviewees with education below primary school levels.

Statistics show that 86% of interviewees consider domestic violence illegal, while 9.4% say they aren't sure. Less than 5% think that it is a domestic matter that is not illegal.

The survey reports that 85% of interviewees think that anti-domestic violence legislation is vital while 8.7% are not sure about it. A small percentage of 6.4% think that it is unnecessary.

Female interviewees showed more favorable attitudes towards domestic violence legislation with 88.2% of female interviewees supporting it as compared to the slightly lower 80.1% of male counterparts.

The survey also shows that 93.5% of interviewees agree with the ACWF and relevant departments in their promotion of anti-domestic violence legislation, 3.7% are uncertain about it and 2.8% do not support it.

On the whole, female interviewees were more supportive of anti-domestic violence efforts than men. 

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