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76% of Hubei Women Gainfully Employed
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2012-3-19-
Title: 76% of Hubei Women Gainfully Employed
Release Date: March 16, 2012
Keyword: Hubei women, employment, work

According to the results of a survey on Hubei women's social status released by the President of Hubei Women's Federation Xiao Juhua in a press conference yesterday, 76% of Hubei women aged from 18 and 64 are gainfully employed.

The survey covered nine aspects of women's lives, including health, economic situations and education. The survey collected 2,995 valid responses.

Statistics show that 52.9% of interviewed women believe they do not have any mental health issues and 57.2% of women below 65 years of age consider themselves in good mental health condition, an increase of 6.5% over the past ten years. The number drops to 30% for women aged above 65 years.

The survey also shows that 23.3% of urban women have post-college educations.

Statistics reveal that 11.9% of women carry equal weight in management participation and policy-making decisions while more than 72% shoulder the burden of housework. Career-wise, women work an average of 10 hours a day while men work an average of 9.45 hours. The average leisure time of women during days off is 4.7 hours while that of men is 5.9 hours.

Statistics also show that 77.8% of survey respondents agree that daughters should have equal inheritance rights as sons.

When it comes to social status, 61.5% think that women enjoy the same social status as men, 87.2% are confident in their abilities and 89.5% rate themselves as independent.

The percentage of female college students rated 'excellent' is 68.7%, 16.1% higher than that of male students. Meanwhile, 89.6% of female college students are determined to put their careers first.

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