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China's 10 Bln Investment Improves Rural Women's Health
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2012-4-16-
Title: China's 10 Bln Investment Improves Rural Women's Health
Release Date: April 13, 2012
Keyword: investment, rural women's health, Ministry of Health

Figures from China's Ministry of Health show that the central government has invested more than 10 billion yuan (US$1.5 billion) in the past three years into a series of programs to benefit rural women. The financial investment is believed to have greatly improved women and children's health.

Fu Wei, deputy director of the office in charge of women and children's health care and community service under the Ministry of Health, presented a detailed explanation of the total spending.

Since 2009, each pregnant rural woman has received a national budget subsidy of 500 yuan (US$78.1) upon giving birth in hospital. National budget spending amounted to 7.9 billion yuan (US$1.2 billion) in the past three years, benefiting about 27.26 million rural pregnant women. The rate of hospital delivery amongst rural women had risen from 92.3% in 2008 to 98.1% in 2011. The rates of maternal mortality and of infant mortality in rural China had also seen a sharp decrease in the same period.

In the last three years, about 23.56 million pregnant rural women have received free nutritional supplements financed by the national budget worth 320 million yuan (US$50 million). In addition, various educational activities had been launched to raise rural women's awareness on birth defects prevention. Subsequent inspections indicated that the efforts had seen good results in rural areas.

Furthermore, the Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening Project, jointly launched by the Ministry of Health and the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) in 2009, provided free breast and cervical cancer screenings for millions of rural women.

In order to lower the rate of mother-to-child AIDS transmission, relevant programs were launched across 31 provinces to raise rural women's awareness and provide them with guidance. The rate of mother-to-child AIDS transmission has dropped from 34.8% in the years before 2009 to the current 7.4%, preventing 2,100 babies from being infected.


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