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Jilin Women Rising in Social Status
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2012-6-19-
Title: Jilin Women Rising in Social Status
Release Date: June 19, 2012
Keyword: Jilin women, social status, survey

The Jilin Women's Federation released the results of the third survey on Chinese women's status on June 13, 2012, according to which the social status of women in northeast China's Jilin Province has improved in the recent decade. The survey was organized by the Jilin Women's Federation and Jilin Bureau of Statistics.

Health Condition

According to the statistics, 38 percent of women have received health check-ups in the past three years, 10.9 percent higher than that of 2000. Statistics show that 77.6 percent of women do not have any gynecological diseases, 47.4 percent higher than that of 2000.

In addition, 52 percent of women have sought medical treatment after finding out that they have a gynecological disease, 28.6 percent higher than that of 10 years ago. The proportion of rural women aged below 35 who have received prenatal examinations before giving birth is 94.3 percent, which is 11.8 percent higher than that of 2000, and 95.5 percent of rural women aged below 35 gave birth to their babies in hospital, 68.8 percent higher than that of 2000.


The survey shows that women aged between 18 and 64 have received education for nine years on average, 0.7 years longer than that of 2000. The education gap between men and women was reduced from 0.5 years to 0.1 years. Statistics show that 18.9 percent of working women have received training and further education in the past three years.


More women are participating in economic affairs, with the proportion of rural working women doing non-agricultural work increasing by 7.4 percent. Statistics show that 15.2 percent of women have received loans to start their own businesses.

Social Security

In the past 10 years, 52.6 percent of urban women have enjoyed legal maternity leave according to the national regulation. Statistics show that 79 percent of women have received basic wages or nearly commensurate salary during their maternity leave, 28.1 percent higher than that of 10 years ago.

Women's Political Participation

The survey also shows that 11.3 percent of Jilin women have participated in management and strategy decision-making, 96.3 percent of women keep abreast of important national and foreign affairs, 55.4 percent of women have done at least one kind of democratic supervision and 14.3 percent of women have actively proposed suggestions to their units, community districts and villages. Approximately 83.3 percent of rural women have participated in village committee elections in the past five years and 75.8 percent of rural women are up-to-date on candidate information and are able to cast informed votes.

Domestic Status

Statistics show that 89.2 percent of women are satisfied with their domestic status. In terms of marital decision-making, 61.4 percent and 64.2 percent of couples consult with each other when it comes to business and property decisions, 22.9 and 14.8 percent higher than that of 10 years ago.


Jilin women are also enjoying more varied lifestyles, with 83 percent of women having traveled to places beyond their local counties or districts, 24.4 percent of women having attended recreational and sports activities in their local community districts, 23.7 percent of women having surfed the Internet and 10.6 percent of women having their own religious beliefs.

Legal Awareness

Jilin women have also improved in terms of legal awareness, with 87.2 percent of women knowing that there are laws protecting women's rights and interests, 7.1 percent higher than that of 10 years ago. According to the statistics, 88 percent of women agree that daughters should enjoy the same property inheritance rights as sons if they have fulfilled their filial duties. In addition, 88.7 percent think that women are just as competent as men and 89.5 percent agree that men should pitch in with the housework.

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