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Fang Gang: Sex Education Should be Implemented Early
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2013-8-2-
Title: Fang Gang: Sex Education Should be Implemented Early
Release Date: August 2, 2013
Keyword: Fang Gang, Sex Education
Fang Gang, expert on sex education and director of the Institute of Sexuality and Gender Studies at the Beijing Forestry University. []

After a report on a parent-child camp to facilitate sexual education appeared on ( in July this year, it aroused great public concerns about teenagers' sex education. The Protagonist of the report, Fang Gang, expert on sex education and director of the Institute of Sexuality and Gender Studies at the Beijing Forestry University has become a focus of social attention for the set-up of the first Sex Education Summer Camp. According to Fang, sex education should be implemented early and should ideally be completed before senior high school. 

Sex Education in China Urgently Needed

Fang believes that parents in China do not educate their children about sex because many believe that it is too early for children to learn about it. Many feel uncomfortable talking about sex with their children and some believe that sex education may lead to premarital sex.

However, the recent case of a school principal sexually assaulting schoolgirls in south China's Hainan Province, as well as an increasing number of child sexual abuse cases appearing in the media have highlighted the urgent need for Chinese parents and schools to teach children about sex so that they can identify inappropriate sexual behavior and protect themselves against it. Although measures such as legal punishment and public condemnation play a deterring role against sexual assault, children and teenagers must be equipped with the knowledge of how to protect themselves from it. 

Fang also says that when sexual assault does happen, parents need to know how to handle the aftermath so as to avoid further emotional damage being done to the victim.

The Earlier the Better

To a certain extent, sexual assault cases highlight a severe lack of sex education among the general population in China, both for victims and molesters. Fang says that sex education should start as early as possible but the content of sex education should vary according to the age of the child. He added that ideally, sex education should be complete before the end of senior high school.

Fang also said that sex education should be carried out by professionals and that if parents want to carry out sex education at home, they should read relevant books on how to do so.

At present, three modes of sex education are in common use internationally. One is called abstinence education, where the purpose is to stop teenagers from having premarital sex. Next is safe sex education, which aims to ensure that young people who do have sex use contraception and protect themselves from STDs. The last is integrated sex education, which is currently most advocated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Integrated sex education aims to empower young people to make responsible choices when it comes to sex.

Getting to Know Each Other

When it comes to teenage relationships, which are widely frowned upon in China, Fang says that girls and boys should be encouraged to interact and become friends so as to eliminate any mystery concerning the opposite sex. In addition, in the process of the puppy love, children learn to growth. And empowered sex education, actually, is to let them learn about thinking, judgment and growth.

In conclusion, Fang has said that sex education in China is still in the early stages. He hopes that with efforts from schools, parents and the government, the current generation of children will be able to receive sensible sex education and then they can pass on to their own children.

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