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CWRS Holds Meeting to Reinforce Importance of Women's Studies
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2014-12-10-
Title: CWRS Holds Meeting to Reinforce Importance of Women's Studies
Release Date: December 10, 2014
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The Chinese Women's Research Society (CWRS) held a meeting in Beijing from December 3-4 with over 80 delegates from 23 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in attendance to sum up the work of women's studies this year and set plans for the work of next year.

The deputy director of the Women's Studies Institute of China (WSIC) under the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), Xiao Yang, attended the meeting and delivered a speech before all attendees. Xiao said that women's research institutes should cooperate with women's federations at all levels to work toward the adoption of new laws and to establish a mechanism for evaluating gender equality. Xiao also said that women's social groups should play an active part in the legislative process and support women's federations in legislation. Xiao added that women's research institutes should take measures to promote the state policy on gender equality and to raise people's awareness of gender-related issues. Xiao expressed hope that research institutes would connect with scholars and experts to conduct research on women's development and gender equality during China's future development.

In order to help participants learn about the relationship between advancing women's development and the rule of law in China, the Women's Studies Institute of China invited Professor Ma Yinan from the Peking University Law School to deliver a lecture on how women's studies affect the formulation and implementation of laws. Ma shared with the participants her experience on how to improve women's studies in China's future development. The participants took an active role in group discussion and expressed their views on the future development of research institutes specializing in women's studies.

Du Jie, deputy director of the CWRS, also attended the meeting and spoke at its closing ceremony. She said that all members of the CWRS should work closely with the community to prepare for the society's 2015 election, adding that members should take full advantage of the society's information systems and magazines to reinforce public interaction and to publish more research articles. Du noted that the research society will enhance communication among its members and work hard to build a more efficient society for study and research.

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