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China's National Information Development Strategy Outline Released
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2016-8-5-
Title: China's National Information Development Strategy Outline Released
Source: Xinhua News Agency
Release Date: August 5, 2016
Keyword: information, development,
Recently, the CPC Central Committee and State Council issued "National Development Strategic Framework" and requested information through China's modernization process has to speed up the release of information development great potential, using information technology to drive modernization, accelerate the construction of network power. The document is to regulate and guide the next 10 years programmatic document of national development.
The Outline pointed out that in today's world, the ever-changing information technology innovation in digital, networked, intelligent wave of information technology is characterized by booming global information technology into full penetration, cross-border integration, accelerate innovation, leading the development of new stage who occupy the commanding heights in information technology, will be able to grasp the opportunities to win, and win in safety and win the future.
The Outline stressed the need to focus on 'five in one' overall layout and the 'four comprehensive' strategic layout, to firmly establish innovation, coordination, green, open, shared development concept, and implement people-centered development thinking, information-driven modernization of the main line, to build a network power as the goal, efforts to enhance national capacity development, and strive to improve the level of application of information technology, information technology development efforts to optimize the environment for the benefit of the information society for the benefit of the people, for our great national revival of Chinese dream lay a solid foundation.
The Outline requirements, adhere to 'promote co-ordination, innovation lead, drive development, benefit people's livelihood, win-win cooperation, to ensure safety,' the basic principle of power network proposed 'three-step' strategic objective, mainly: 2020 , key technologies in some areas reached the international advanced level, greatly enhance the information industry internationally competitive, information has become the driving modernization pilot power, 2025, into an international leading mobile communication network, a fundamental change in key technologies kinds of situation, implement advanced technology, industrial development, leading application, network security impregnable strategic objectives, the emergence of large multinational companies net in the letter a number of strong international competitiveness, to the middle of this century, a comprehensive information technology support a prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious modern socialist country construction, network power increasing consolidation, greater as a leading global information technology development.
The Outline pointed out, to enhance the development of capabilities to enhance the application level, optimize the development environment, three major strategic task of national development, including 14 specific work content to enhance development capability, focusing on the development of core technology, strengthening infrastructure development of information resources, optimizing personnel, deepen cooperation and exchanges. lifting the level of application, mainly the implementation of the 'five in one' overall layout, the cultivation of the information economy, deepening of e-government, network culture and prosperity, innovation and public services, and services to the construction of ecological civilization arrangements for the first time the contents of the information into a strong army information strategy. optimize the development environment, stressed the need to protect the health and safety information and orderly development of clear information technology law, network management and maintenance of ecological security in cyberspace main task.

The Outline stressed the need to adhere to the central network and information security leadership team for the national development of centralized and unified leadership, the field of information and major policy issues subject to the Leading Group for approval. Requires all localities and departments to strengthen organizational leadership, improve working mechanism, improve the supporting policies, strengthen supervision and implementation, will implement the strategic task to ensure the timely realization of strategic goals. 

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