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President Xi's Speech on How to Be a Qualified Official
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2016-8-19-
Title: President Xi's Speech on How to Be a Qualified Official
Release Date: August 19, 2016
Keyword: Chinese President, Xi Jinping, CPC, anniversary, corruption, Party member, official,
Chinese President Xi Jinping called on all people in the country to "stay true to the mission" taken up by the Communist Party of China (CPC) 95 years ago, at a grand gathering on July 1 marking the 95th founding anniversary of the CPC in Beijing. 
"Officials at all levels should firmly establish the correct view of power, maintain the noble spiritual pursuit, show awe to the people and the CPC, as well as laws and disciplines, use their power impartially according to law, refuse corruption and act with integrity," said Xi at the event. 
-- Reverence for the People
As power holders of a country, officials should use their power to seek benefits for the people; whilst at the same time, they should accept the supervision of the people. As President Xi repeatedly emphasized in his remarks, Party members at all levels should recognize that their power is granted by the people. 
In the speech, Xi also stressed that the people are the creators of history and the real heroes. He called on all members of the Party to put the people's interests deep in their hearts.
--Reverence for the Party
President Xi pointed out that every official should remember that he or she is only a common member in the Party and what he or she should keep in mind is the relationship between the Party and him or herself. 
Every official should strengthen organizational concepts and support the individual to obey the collectives. 
--Reverence for Laws and Disciplines
As a saying goes, "nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards". 
All members are equal in the eyes of the law. Therefore, it is a bottom line for every Party member to obey the law, which is also a basic requirement for each qualified official. 
Xi also pointed out that officials should carry out their work and make decisions according to the law, anyone who violates the law will be punished. 


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