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CPC's Reform of Women's Work in the Period of the War Against Japanese Aggression
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2016-9-26-
Title: CPC's Reform of Women's Work in the Period of the War Against Japanese Aggression
Release Date: September 26, 2016
Keyword: CPC, women's work, Japanese aggression
The Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Current Women's Work at Various Anti-Japanese Bases (hereinafter referred as 'the decision'), as the most influential file in the period of the New Democratic Revolution, was issued in February 1943. 
The decision is designed to carry out the reform of female work and unite women at all levels more effectively so as to support their role in holding up the "Half the Sky". 
1. Background of the Decision
The outbreak of the war against Japanese aggression in 1937 accelerated various contradictions in Chinese society to become more complicated. At the same time, national conflicts had been upgraded to the most serious problems. 
In order to deal with the contradictions and struggles which came about in the process of the national united front and unite all forces to fight against the war, the Party Central Committee launched the rectification movement in Yan'an, one of the three most important bases in the years of revolutionary war. 
Whilst at the same time, the new central women's committee was also established during the period of the rectification movements and a series of investigations were carried out, with a view to developing women's work. 
In 1943, the committee drafted the decision and it was officially published on the Liberation Daily on February 26, 1943.
2.Main Contents of the Decision
The decision not only summarized the issues around and reasons for women's work, but also proposed suggestions on how to change their work styles. In addition, organizers also called on women to participate in production so as to address the economic difficulties of women and their families and develop the economy of the base area. 
3.Enlightenment and Significance
The decision played a key role in the reform of women's work and the development of women's movements, whilst at the same time also providing some enlightenment and references to current society.
Furthermore, the decision represented the interests of women at all levels, especially those rural women playing their key role in holding up the "Half the Sky". 
The author is Research Assistant Zhou Lei, from the Women's Studies Institute of China affiliated to the All-China Women's Federation
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