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Experts Give Their Views on Chinese Women's Studies in 2017
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-1-5-
Title: Experts Give Their Views on Chinese Women's Studies in 2017
Source: China Women's News
Release Date: January 5, 2017
Keyword: Chinese, Women's Studies, 2017
With the New Year bell ringing, four experts from China's prestigious universities were invited by the China Women's News to express their outlooks for Chinese women's studies in 2017.
To Promote Women's Studies with the Development of the Times
Zhang Lixi is professor of China Women's University, who also serves as vice-chairperson of the Chinese Women's Research Society (CWRS). 
Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a speech at the Philosophy and Social Science Forum in May 2016 calling on all members of society to devote themselves to the construction of philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics. 
Accordingly, the establishment of a women's theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics is also an important part of this great project. 
Therefore, Professor Zhang put forward several views on this issue.
- Women's studies cannot be separated from China's national conditions, which is also a long-term goal for experts of women's studies. 
- Women's studies cannot be separated from the development of Chinese history. Women in different historical periods always carry the brand of the times. Limiting factors of women's development should be considered due to the disadvantage traditional culture brings to women while analyzing and interpreting historical events. 
- Women's studies must adhere to the guidance of Marxist view on women, respecting women's subjectivity, initiative and creativity. 
- Practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics should run through women's studies. Women's studies should not only focus on women's issues under the new normal, but should also promote the introduction of policies related to gender awareness. 
In the end, Professor Zhang Lixi said that China Women's News, as a ‘witness of women's development', as well as an ‘advocate of gender equality', provided a platform of new thoughts, trends and practice for the development of women's studies. 
Injecting New Ideas and Practice into Gender Studies
Peng Xizhe is a professor of Fudan University, who also serves as director of the Center for Women's Studies.
The reform and development of the economy and society are related to every Chinese citizen, which also bring a series of changes for women. 
Thus, how to make good use of the human and social resources of female groups and ensure they enjoy equally in economic and social achievements are important questions for the government to create a sound legal environment and enact public policies more actively. 
China has made great progress in the implementation of the basic national policy of gender equality, but women have to pay a price in the reforms of employment, pensions, health and many other areas. 
Professor Peng Xizhe suggested that better laws and regulations should be established to ensure women can participate in economic and social development and share the fruits of development equally, while more policies and projects related to the protection of women's rights and their all-round development also need to be enacted as soon as possible. In addition, all members of society should take part in the publicity and implementation of the basic state policy of equality between men and women so as to realize the goal of integrating gender equality into the mainstream of decision-making. 
In terms of social policies, research subjects, including hidden gender discrimination in employment, the impact of the implementation of the universal two-child policy on women, economic security and social support for elderly women in ageing society, have been paid great attention in recent years by the Center for Women's Studies at Fudan University, said Peng.
In the end, Peng hopes for China Women's News, as an exchange platform and information source, to achieve greater success in 2017. 
The Localization of Research on Women's History Sees Mixed Results
Jiao Jie is a professor at Shaanxi Normal University and also serves as executive vice-director of the Center for Women's Studies.
Women's history, as an important part of women's studies, is of great significance to exploring the causes of women's oppression. 
Feminism in China began in the 1980s and it has experienced several research stages, including women's social status and women's differences in individuals and groups, as well as patriarchy and women's activeness in later years. 
With the acceleration of gender mainstreaming in the 21st century, women's development issues, including fertility and employment, career development and family burdens, and protection of their rights and interests, have attracted the attention of academic circles in the process of social transformation, leading to voices calling for the localization of research on women's history. 
Following on from this, discussions on how to find a methodology that is suitable for local women's survival and development from the perspective of Confucian culture and exploring the relationship between Confucian ethics and women, have become a new trend in the study of women's history. 
Professor Jiao Jie predicted that women's living wisdom and gender relations in traditional society will continue to be a focus of attention in 2017. 
In addition, Jiao warned women's history researchers to stay alert and not forget the original research intention of women's history, with a view to taking the essence and discarding the dregs of Confucianism. 
In the end, Jiao hoped that China Women's News would continue to be a voice for women's groups and make more contributions to the cause of gender equality.
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