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Female Netizens Dominate China's Internet Market
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-1-20-
Title: Female Netizens Dominate China's Internet Market
Release Date: January 20, 2017
Keyword: female netizen, internet, Wechat, Weibo

A recent report has found that female Chinese netizens have displaced the 'diaosi' (loser) and are now referred to as the "wind vane" of China's Internet market, according to the '2016 Hi Apps List' released by '360 Mobile Assistant', the country's largest Android app store.

"Diaosi" refers to a group of male netizens living in the lowest level of the city food chain, dreaming about marrying a stunning woman, or so-called goddess, and being a critic of anything that the government is going to do. People often say 'diaosi' is a style of living. 
Based on 360's big data and users' votes, the organizer has finally chosen the top five from each of the 21-category apps, covering communications, music, short films, live shows, games, online retailers, travel and others. 
Let's take photography and image editing apps as an example, the top five apps include meitu, Faceu, in, camera_360 and pitu, all of which are most favored by female users. 
Moreover, cross-border online retailer apps are also dominated by female users, who are always regarded as the main target by developers, said the report.
According to data by iReseach, a leading provider of online audience measurement and consumer insights in China, around 73.6 percent of overseas online shoppers are women. 
Results also find that Chinese women account for 67 percent of all users of Weibo, a so-called 'micro-blog', while they also account for 60-70 percent of the total users of Wechat. 
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