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Zhejiang Launches Survey Project Caring for "Left-Behind" Children
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-4-1-
Title: Zhejiang Launches Survey Project Caring for "Left-Behind" Children
Source: Zhejiang Women's Federation
Release Date: April 1, 2017
Keyword: Zhejiang, Project, Left-Behind Children

Zhejiang Women and Children's Activity Center, Zhejiang University, and Hangzhou Normal University jointly launched the "Love & Growth" social work project, focusing on "left-behind" children, or those who remain in rural areas while their parents have migrated to larger cities for work, in east China's Zhejiang Province recently.

The innovative project was launched by Zhejiang Women and Children's Activity Center this year. It aims to gather the support of professional teachers and students from social work departments in universities to help such children establish the confidence and courage to solve their growing pains and realize their self growth by using case interviews, group activities, community activities and other professional practices. The project will provide such services for left-behind children for the next six months.

Lu Ying, director of Zhejiang Women and Children's Activity Center, Ma Liang, professor of the Department of Social Work at Zhejiang University, reporters from the Urban Express, and Chen Qiuhua, president of Wuyi Women's Federation attended the first meeting in Wuyi County on March 17.
The research team then visited the countryside of Wuyi County, to begin a survey on "left behind" children and their teachers. They conducted individual interviews and discussions with temporary guardians of "left-behind" children and village cadres to understand the basic situation of these children on March 18.

Lu and Zheng Rong, director of the Department of Social Work at Hangzhou Normal University, talked about the survey work with Li Juefen from Wenling Women's Federation in Wenling City on March 23. The research team from the university then divided into two groups and each visited primary schools in Wenling City to conduct the survey through questionnaires, individual interviews, and seminars from March 24-25.


Social work is service activities based on scientific knowledge, using scientific methods to help people. Different from previous psychological services, which only pay attention to the social support system and "left-behind" children's deviant behavior, social work emphasizes the interaction between the object and the environment. It focuses on multi-angle system interventions, mining the potential of the service objects, improving their ability to solve problems, and constructing a diversified support and service system. This not only creates a new way to provide services for "left-behind" children, but also offers new means for the people's government to carry out protection work for such children.

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