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Survey: Will Big Data Era Bring Benefits to Female Jobseekers?
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-4-7-
Title: Survey: Will Big Data Era Bring Benefits to Female Jobseekers?
Source: shwomen.org
Release Date: April 7, 2017
Keyword: employment, jobs, survey

Females have played an increasingly important role in China's innovation and entrepreneurship, according to a survey released on March 30 at the 13th Oriental Women's Festival Forum in Shanghai.

The survey indicates that at present around 70 percent of the country's WeChat business founders, along with 60 percent of those who take part in live streaming services, are women.

The forum was jointly organized by Shanghai Society of Women's Studies and the Women's School of Shanghai Normal University, and focused on the topic of big data and its impact on females' lives.

Females Are Prominent in Humanities, Social Sciences

One expert commented that most internet authors – including bloggers – are women and have used creative methods to build their audiences online.

Xu Feng, president of Shanghai Women's Federation, said the relationship between the internet and women is close knit. Xu explained that many online apps are directly linked to service industries, and require associated qualities such as thoughtfulness, patience and passion.

In recent years, female entrepreneurs have emerged one after another. Hu Weiwei, founder of China's leading bike-sharing service provider Mobike, and Liu Qing, president of taxi hailing app Didi Chuxing, were both put forward by Xu as prominent examples.

Women Play a Larger Role in Stimulating Economic Development

In China, the employment rate among women is currently 61 percent, indicating that females have made a strong contribution to driving the nation's economic growth.

The report also states that, in 71.3 percent of families surveyed, women play a dominant role in children's education, and in 62.1 percent of households they do more housework than their male partners.

Meanwhile, women have devoted more contributions to taking care of children and dealing with household affairs in 40.7 percent of families, and women spend more money than their partners in 60.8 percent of families.

In addition, 59.5 percent of families' say the major financial power is controlled by women.

Women Have More Difficulties in Finding Jobs

In modern times, women face challenges as well as new opportunities in their work career, said Huan Maosheng, secretary-general of the National Center for Big Data Management and Application.

Their challenges come from difficulties in finding employment, since many enterprises are less willing to recruit female workers, especially after the implementation of China's Universal Two-child Policy, Huan commented.

Therefore, Huan believes that with the rapid development of internet at present, creating a new employment patterns, for example allowing them to work at home, will be of great importance in meeting those women's needs in finding jobs in future.

"If this work pattern could be achieved, women can have more advantages in their career," said Huan.

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