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Female University Students in a 'Job Season' New Wave
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-4-12-
Title: Female University Students in a 'Job Season' New Wave
Author: Yang Hui
Source: Women's Studies Institute of China
Release Date: April 11, 2017
Keyword: female university students, employment, gender discrimination

The difficulty finding employment for university students is even more severe than previous years due to the influence of over capacity and mounting downward economic pressure across the nation, thus, 2016 was regarded as “the hardest job season” in recent years.

However, compared to last year's 7.65 million graduates, 2017 will witness 7.95 million students graduate from universities and colleges across China, which is bound to usher in another hard employment season this year.

Gender discrimination against women has deepened after China changed its policy to allow women to have a second child, leading to employers becoming leery of hiring female employees.

Yang Hui, associate researcher from the Women's Studies Institute of China, summarized the typical characteristics of gender discrimination in employment so as to remind women, especially female university students, to be careful in the job-hunt.

- Gender Discrimination Floods Recruitment Notices

A survey shows that around 67.23 percent of fresh female graduates have encountered stipulations of “only male”, or “male preferred” in the process of job hunting.

Such stipulations in recruitment notices or ads make female candidates lose opportunities to show off themselves, even if they are more outstanding than their male competitors.

- Rejecting Women's Resumes

According to the statistics, 52.55 percent of female university students said employers even refuse to accept their resumes just because they are female.

- No Written Examination or Reexamination Opportunities Left for Women

In the survey, 51.70 percent and 51.14 percent of female university students said employers do not provide women with written examinations or reexamination opportunities at all.

- Questions Related to Marriage and Reproduction Frequently Asked in Job Interviews

According to statistics, 64.03 percent of female interviewees said that prospective employers frequently inquire about their marital status and thoughts on family planning in job interviews.

Yang also concluded with some countermeasures to deal with gender discrimination against women in employment, including:

- Obtaining evidence of gender discrimination in employment through taking photos, screenshots and video recordings, with a view to safeguarding women's equal rights of employment.

- Making efforts to fight for women's employment rights when infringements occur. Candidates can choose to have a face-to-face debate with interviewers on gender discrimination, or publish employers' misbehavior through social media.

- Faced with gender discrimination in employment, female job-seekers can directly complain to job fair organizers or report to women's petition departments of local women's federations or labor security supervision departments, whose complaint telephone number is 'area code + 12333', or call 12338 for the women's rights protection service hotline, authorized by the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF). It is worth noting that all these service hotlines are quite busy, please be patient.

- Job candidates can also choose to bring a lawsuit to the people's court when infringements occur so as to protect women's legal rights and interest in employment.  

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