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E China Province to Set up New Batch of Women's Federations by 2018
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-4-20-
Title: E China Province to Set up New Batch of Women's Federations by 2018
Source: women of china
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Keyword: provincial women's federation,Representative Conferences

 The provincial women's federation in east China's Anhui Province has set a schedule by the end of 2017 to replace all Women's Representative Conferences currently at village and community level with grassroots organizations.

The latest change was completed on April 16 in a community federation in economic development zone of Hefei City.

The federation's executive committee also recently added 11 new members, who continuously support the federation work at various fields. "Their high prestige and huge influence across the region will in turn promote them to better serve local women," a federation official said.

Last year, the provincial federation launched a trial project of regional reform in the local cities of Hefei, Xuancheng and Huaibei.

Besides replacing the Conferences, the reform also includes measures to break career and geographical barriers; establish women's federations among various fields; and, expand the federation's coverage.

So far, a total of 335 villages and communities have replaced the Conferences, further providing examples for other cities.

"The federation will issue unified arrangements in May that provide guidance for the overall year-end replacement," another official from the provincial federation pointed out.

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