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ACWF Vice President Inspects Work of Women's Studies in C China
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-5-3-
Title: ACWF Vice President Inspects Work of Women's Studies in C China
Source: WSIC
Release Date: April 26, 2017
Keyword: Tan Lin, Wuhan University, women's studies

 Tan Lin, vice president of All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF), visited Wuhan University in central China’s Hubei province to investigate the work of its women and gender research and training base in the afternoon of April 25th. Han Jin, party secretary of Wuhan University, met with Tan Lin at the forum for this investigation. Peng Limin, president of Hubei Women's Federation, attended the forum and delivered a speech.

The aim of this visit is to obtain an in-depth understanding of women and gender research bases in colleges and universities to develop effective measures and mechanisms to promote the healthy development of college women and gender studies, with the ultimate aim of these bases playing a role as think tanks in safeguarding the rights of women and children and promoting women's development.
At the forum, Feng Youmei, executive vice president of Wuhan University, introduced the general status of their women and gender research and training base. Professor Luo Ping from the Academic Advisory Center, Director of the base Li Yanping, and Professor Wang Meiying spoke at the forum. They introduced their work in women's studies, teacher training, campus cultural and gender activities and social services in recent years. They also shared experiences of their participation in women and gender research and training work, and put forward suggestions on the development of the base. 
Tan Lin fully affirmed the achievement of the base in carrying out academic research, promoting discipline construction, and strengthening the talent team, which has had positive effects in social services. She hoped teachers could work for the center by adhering to the Marx doctrine as a guide, set a good example in promoting Chinese socialist women’s theory and practice; actively promote the construction of the gender-related curriculum system; and play the role of think tanks in the base to actively serve the public.
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