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Survey: Nearly Half of Women Favor Joint Maternity Leave and Household Chores with Husband
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-5-18-
Title: Survey: Nearly Half of Women Favor Joint Maternity Leave and Household Chores with Husband
Source: Women of China
Release Date: May 18, 2017
Keyword: mothers with full-time occupations, maternity leave, household chores, Mother’s Day

A report on mothers with full-time occupations found that as high as 44.7 percent of surveyed Chinese women support a couple both enjoying maternity leave and sharing the workloads in household chores.

The survey was released by two domestic recruitment websites upon the arrival of Mother's Day on May 14 this year.

About 32.5 percent of interviewed women think that they have encountered a decrease in welfare benefits at their workplaces after giving birth to a child. This percentage sees an increase of 8.3 from that in 2016. Meanwhile, the proportion of women who think their status at work becomes less important rises from 26.6 percent in 2016 to 36.1 percent this year.

When asked about their views on existing policies on maternity leave, 48.6 percent of surveyed women believe that the authorities should prolong maternity leave. However, there are also some people in the survey who are in favor of cutting short maternity leave on the grounds that new mothers will find it easier to reenter into the employment market and experience less gender-based discrimination if they return to work in advance.

Moreover, 44.7 percent of interviewed women and 53.8 percent of their male peers argue that men should also be able to help their wives jointly nurse their newborns.

Of those working mothers, 70.5 percent emphasize the importance of having a large amount of time at their command during their daily work and 62.1 percent put their family as a top priority beyond working hours. In the meantime, the pursuit of higher salaries and one's favorite work becomes less important for women with full-time employment.

Furthermore, the top four concerns for those working women who have just experience maternity leave are their children's education and health, and the management of personal pressure and emotions.

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