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Report: Fathers and Grandparents More Engaged in Childcare Nowadays
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-5-19-
Title: Report: Fathers and Grandparents More Engaged in Childcare Nowadays
Source: Women of China
Release Date: May 19, 2017
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A consultancy group iResearch and a maternal and child app called "Qinbaobao" recently issued a white paper on various family members' characteristics on childcare and nursery in various aspects, indicating that males played a more significant role in childrearing.

With the implementation of the Universal Two-Child Policy, China will see a rise in newborns and greet the upcoming "baby boom" era. According to iResearch, the number of families with children will reach 286 million in 2018, an increase of 21.2 percent compared with that in 2010.

Meanwhile, a large number of Chinese families today are facing a "4-2-1" or "4-2-2" structure, which means four grandparents and two parents dedicated to looking after one or two babies as "treasures".

In addition, as the development of mobile internet is changing the traditional distribution in households among the younger generation, the survey showed mothers accounted for 40 percent among Qinbaobao users, with 29 percent fathers and 16 percent grandparents. This implied that the phenomenon of the absence of the father during children's growth is easing and other family members' participation rate is rising with regards to childcare.

Utilizing Maternal and Child Apps

When it comes to the motivation of people utilizing maternal and child apps, about 86.8 percent of the respondents chose "tracking childhood milestones", followed by sharing children's life with family members (70 percent) and acquiring maternal and nursery healthcare knowledge (69.8 percent). Interestingly, the report showed users who tended to record and share their baby's life were more "loyal" to the app and over half of them utilized only one maternal and child app.

In terms of the frequency of utilizing apps, findings indicated that despite the proportion of "active" mothers (74.1 percent) still ranking top, about 67.8 percent of respondents being fathers and 63 percent grandparents also used related apps frequently. The "gap" is narrowing.

Purchasing Maternal and Child Products

According to the white paper, nearly 70 percent of users chose apps by acquaintances' recommendations. Experts noted that in the future, users will prefer to choose apps with better reputations and better user experiences.

More precisely, mothers played a role as decision-maker to purchase maternal and child products in 91.7 percent of all families while for fathers the rate was 51.9 percent.

In nearly a quarter of families surveyed, the main decision makers were grandparents.

Regarding the consumer groups of maternal and child products, parents still took the lead, accounting for 80 percent.

Aside from this, fathers and grandparents are more proactively engaged in the decision making of purchasing maternal-child products and other household consumption.

Notably, male relatives have become the main force for purchasing maternal and child products. Findings showed that the proportion of males among consumers who spent 5,000 yuan (U.S.$ 726) on maternal and child products on average reached 53.8 percent.

Grandparents' purchasing power is on the rise as well and will soon become a new emerging force, said the report.

When examining the quality of maternal and child products, gender disparities presented. Specifically, men take greater consideration of the brand, performance and expertise of the products whereas women stressed more on the material.

The report's authors predicted that the optimization of the decision-making structure in households and the expansion of families with children will stimulate further potential in the maternal and child service industry. Regarding the current situation, related app teams should focus not only on mothers but also other family members as target users with the transformation of parenting norms.

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