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Over 80% of University Students Believe 'Women's Abilities Are Not Inferior to Men's'
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-8-1-
Title: Over 80% of University Students Believe 'Women's Abilities Are Not Inferior to Men's'
Release Date: July 31, 2017
Keyword: university students, women's abilities, female university students
University students, as the mainstay of the knowledge economy and technological innovation in the country, are important forces leading the trend in values. 
I. Most University Students Agree on Values of Gender Equality 
With the rapid development of the equalization of public education services and the equity of education, more women have access to colleges and universities and are becoming the beneficiaries of the popularization of higher education in China. 
Now, the proportion of China's female university students, including female junior college students and postgraduates, has stabilized at about 50 percent and the percentage of female doctoral students has also reached over one third. 
1.University Students Make More Positive Evaluations of Women's Abilities
More than 80 percent of college students believed that women's abilities are not inferior to men's. Of which, 88.6 percent of female students and 77.7 percent of male students agreed more with this statement. 
2.Female College Students Express Their Stronger Occupational Aspirations 
Over 90 percent of female university students believed that women should pursue their own career and nearly 90 percent of females wanted to make a difference in their career development. 
3.Jointly Sharing Family Responsibilities Between Husband and Wife Is Recognized by College Students
Nearly 90 percent of college students thought that men should take on family responsibilities and about 70 percent of them did not agree with the traditional concept that "the husband is in charge of earning money to support the family, while the wife is responsible for looking after the house". 
4. Students Who Received Education Related to Gender Equality More Likely to Agree with the Values of Equality Between Men and Women 
With respect to 'agree more with the statement that women's abilities are not inferior to men's', the proportion of male students who have received education on gender equality is 7.1 percent higher than those who have no idea about this course.
II Problems
China's institutions of higher learning have made great progress in gender equality, but some problems still exist, mainly including:
1.Female College Students Face More Traditional Pressures
With more female college students, especially female graduate students, gradually entering the peak age for marriage, they have to face many traditional role expectations from family and society, as well as the pressures of social standards.
According to statistics, nearly 80 percent of college students believed that women encounter more obstacles in the development of their career. 
2.Male College Students Are More Conservative in Gender Concepts
Compared with female students, male college students are more in favor of the traditional gender division of labor that "the husband is in charge of earning money to support the family, while the wife is responsible for looking after the house" (male students accounted for 41.4 percent; while female students accounted for 18.9 percent).
Nearly 30 percent of male students believed that women who succeed in business often lack feminine charm and nearly 40 percent of males thought the personal lives of able women are normally unhappy, while women who agree with these viewpoints only accounted for 10 percent.
3.Some Teachers in Colleges and Universities Lack the Consciousness of Gender Equality
According to statistics, one third of female students were told by their teachers that "this major is not suitable for women", "male students have greater potential" and "male students are more suitable for research". 
III Suggestions

In order to create an equal and inclusive campus cultural environment, institutions of higher learning should encourage young women to grow up together with their male counterparts; raise students, especially male students, awareness of gender equality through lessons related to equality between men and women; and incorporate gender equality into talented persons and teacher training in colleges and universities.  

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