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Marrying Well and Working Hard Are Necessary for Women
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-8-21-
Title: Marrying Well and Working Hard Are Necessary for Women
Release Date: August 21, 2017
Keyword: Marrying Well, Working Hard, Women

An investigation, aiming to delve into the relationship between "marrying well" and "working hard", as well as further research of gender norms in pluralistic expressions, was conducted among residents across Guangdong, Hubei and Shanghai from December 2014 to May 2015.

The result showed that most respondents were more likely to agree that "marrying well" should be a sort of financial and emotional satisfaction in a marriage. In addition, more modern women believed that they should not only marry well, but also have to work hard in the workplace, showing women's self-esteem, personal achievements and self-values.

How to define "marrying well"?

I. Couples should come from families of equal social status

The vast majority of respondents believed that a good marriage should possess a certain economic base, so as not to affect the material standard of living after getting married.

Moreover, some surveyed said that "marrying a wealthy husband" does not mean marrying well; at least, they are not necessarily happy.

II. Couples should love each other and get along well

The interviewees stressed that a good marriage should have a good relationship between couples while attaching importance to the material economic base.

From most of people's points of view, "marrying well" means the couple have common interests, respect and care for each other and have harmonious family relations.

Women, who can get emotional satisfaction in a relationship and get love from their husbands, can also be regarded as "marrying well".

III. Balance between socioeconomic status and emotional satisfaction

"Marrying well" is mainly based on two aspects:

-Position Attainment

It refers to the significance of marriage to women's socioeconomic status.

-Emotional Satisfaction

It refers to the emotional experience of women's being cared for in a marriage.

Therefore, women can be considered as "marrying well" when both of the two goals have been achieved.

Results also find that the significance of "marrying well" becomes more diversified, and the individual emotional satisfaction and self-actualization for women has become the new basis for the division of labor.

It is worth noting that "work hard" is also given great significance for women to achieve their personal values, which is exactly the new image of women that we should promote in modern marriages.

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