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A Waste for Well-educated Women to Be Housewives?
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-9-4-
Title: A Waste for Well-educated Women to Be Housewives?
Source: China Daily
Release Date: September 3, 2017
Keyword: A Waste for Well-educated Women to Be Housewives?

Since the introduction of the two-child policy in 2016, an increasing number of well-educated women have quit their jobs and are staying home to take care of their babies. But is it waste of talent for a highly educated woman to become a housewife? Forum readers share their opinions.

tenith (Malaysia)

Never a waste. Her children will enjoy mother's love and if she grooms them properly instead of pampering them, they will grow up better persons and more confident.

Ratfink (Australia)

It's up to the woman to make a decision based on her circumstances. Education is never squandered by a woman who wants to become a housewife as she will use her education to enhance the learning experiences of her offspring and also around the house. Ultimately it's no one's business but the woman as to what she does with her education.

seneca (Expat in China)

She just needs to bear in mind that a mother has no right to regret her motherhood. Motherhood is destiny; if you become mother, then you must accept it unconditionally, whether as full-time housewife-cum-mother or as part-timer who makes extra bucks during part of her week.

teamkrejados (France)

Fatherhood is destiny too, but there are plenty of fathers who walk away from or otherwise ignore their progeny. Have we heard of any stay-at-home fathers in China? In the west, it is relatively new, and still shocking concept. I'm not sure it would fly in China, where men are under crushing pressure to provide and perform.

TedM (UK)

Caring for your children by staying at home with them, or following a career...or maybe both if the work involves internet work from home, or running a business from home...all are lifestyle choices. Often choices are restricted by money or by the expectations of others. As for "stay-at-home fathers", this has been a growing situation in England for many years. Sometimes this is a choice made because today a woman can earn far more than her partner. Sometimes it is because the man is considered a better option to be the "House-husband". In China there is the stigma of men doing women's jobs. Maybe in time the situation will change and enable such lifestyle decisions.


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