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Survey: Shanghai Tops Maternal Anxiety Index
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-9-8-
Title: Survey: Shanghai Tops Maternal Anxiety Index
Source: Beijing Parents
Release Date: September 8, 2017
Keyword: Maternal anxiety, Beijing, Shanghai,

Shanghai mothers' average anxiety score ranks top across the country, according to a report by makers of the UC web browser on May 12.

The first-ever Chinese Maternal Anxiety Report indicated that the top 10 high scores were taken by first-and-second-tier cities, including Beijing and Shenzhen.

The most anxious were mothers in their 30s, most of whom are from single child families.

Furthermore, the report indicated that the heavier the work pressure they endured, the more anxious they were. For example, female employees from financial, Internet industries and full-time moms are the top three stressed groups.

For the top 10 family reasons why they felt stressed, children's health-related problems worried mothers most, including kids' physical and mental development, and worrying about food safety.

The other worries were children's education, the relationship between husband and wife, children's safety, household finance, relations between the wife and the mother-in-law, caring for parents, housework, the second child, and, the marriage of their children.

In the personal part, mothers were worried about their appearance and shape, followed by health concerns, career expectations, psychological issues and personal liberty.

Most mothers complained that they had little time to have fun and mothers in their 20s felt it was troublesome to look after their children.

In terms of methods to cope with anxiety, mothers were more willing to go shopping, cry or eat than to consult a psychologist or do exercise.

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