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Nearly Half of HK Residents Spend Insufficient Time with Family
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-9-13-
Title: Nearly Half of HK Residents Spend Insufficient Time with Family
Source: Women of China
Release Date: September 13, 2017
Keyword: Hong Kong, Hong Kong Women Development Association, happiness

A survey has indicated that nearly half of respondents in south China's Hong Kong spend less than 20 hours per week with their family members.

It is the fourth consecutive year that the Hong Kong Women Development Association Limited (HKWDA) has conducted such a questionnaire with the target of measuring the index of local people's happiness.

A total of 490 people, including 337 women, gave their response to the study this July and August.

As many as 72 percent of the polled said they were satisfied with their personal family life, 8 percent higher than that of last year, the highest in the past four years.

The top three contributory factors for local people's happiness were found to be family harmony (26 percent), health of family members (22 percent) and the comfortable living environment (16 percent).

Meanwhile, the leading cause for local people's unhappiness was believed to be generated from the pressure of taking care of family.

Some 26 percent of the surveyed supported the opinion that living together with other family members would make them feel happier. Nearly half the respondents replied that the weekly time they spent together with their family is no more than 20 hours.

Moreover, 28 percent of the interviewees disclosed that they spend less than 10 hours with their family each week.

About 30 percent of the polled responded that they hope local government will promote the practice of a universal five-day working week and a flexible working timetable in an effort to help them balance their work and family. Their wishes received recognition and support from Vice-President of the HKWDA Au Yeung Po Chun.

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