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Businesswomen Discuss Female Leadership in New Era at Beijing Forum
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-11-30-
Title: Businesswomen Discuss Female Leadership in New Era at Beijing Forum
Source: China Women's News
Release Date: November 30, 2017
Keyword: Liu Zhen, Zhen Fund, Her Village Academy
The Beijing Center of the prestigious Columbia University organized a panel discussion on "Opportunities for Women Leadership in the Digital Era in China" on November 9.
During the meeting, several eminent businesswomen from media, design, furniture and health industries shared their thoughts on the opportunities and challenges faced by female entrepreneurs and leaders in today's digital world, and the importance of mentors and building networks.
China's booming economy has seen an increasing number of domestic female entrepreneurs standing out in the global market. According to the latest 2017 Hurun Businesswomen List, the world's five most successful women entrepreneurs are all from China, and Chinese women accounted for 63 percent of those featured, said an organizer.
Liu Zhen, Vice-President of
"In the digital era, women should not set boundaries for themselves," said Liu, vice-president of a Beijing-based news platform
Technology empowers women with their pursuit of equality, as it brings about both challenges and opportunities, she added.
Rising industries in the digital era such as the "Internet plus" and artificial intelligence have weakened the impact caused by innate physiological differences between men and women.
Women can further change such differences through education and professional training, she said.
Moreover, businesswomen can make use of their natural strengths in perceiving the way of thinking of female consumers.
Shu Wei, Founder and CEO of
The success of a businesswoman is intertwined with repeated ups and downs and continuous struggles, said Shu Wei who launched a Chinese furniture brand Zaozuo in her third entrepreneurship endeavor several years ago.
Every female entrepreneur has to face a problem in reality and that is the balance between life and career, she noted.
"Take my brand for example: our major clients are confident women who have made the transition from blind pursuit of brand influence to the quality of products," Shu said.
Fang Aizhi, CEO of Zhen Fund
Fang is an active investor who has fostered many IT startups launched by female entrepreneurs.
She said women have showed unprecedented abilities in entrepreneurship in the current era.
"Female entrepreneurs have attained a growing social recognition due to their increasing level of maturity and confidence," explained Fang.
Women's talent will make the society operate better, said Safwan Masri, executive vice-president for Global Centers and Global Development at Columbia University, in his closing remarks to the ceremony.
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