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Top 10 Richest Chinese Women in 2017
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-12-5-
Title: Top 10 Richest Chinese Women in 2017
Source: China Daily
Release Date: December 5, 2017
Keyword: Top 10 Richest Chinese Women, 2017

Average wealth for the top 50 female entrepreneurs from the Chinese mainland increased by 48 percent over the previous year to a record high of 23.1 billion yuan ($3.50 billion), and the benchmark to be listed increased by 25 percent to 10 billion yuan, according to a report by Hurun Research Institute.

Yang Huiyan, vice-chairwoman of Country Garden Holdings, became the richest Chinese woman with 160 billion yuan, followed by Lens Technology's Zhou Qunfei and Longfor Properties' Wu Yajun with 70 billion yuan and 52.5 billion yuan respectively, revealed by the Hurun report titled Richest Women in China 2017.

Industries such as real estate and financial investments are the major sources of wealth for female entrepreneurs on the list, accounting for 24 percent and 20 percent respectively. However, the most successful self-made female entrepreneur comes from the manufacturing industry.

Shenzhen overtook Beijing to become the most preferred city of residence for the female entrepreneurs on this year's list, and Shanghai grabbed the third spot.

This has been the 12th consecutive year for the Hurun Research Institute to release such kind of report since 2006.

The richest women in China on the 2017 list are as follows:

No. 10 Ma Dongmin

Wealth: 28 billion yuan ($4.24 billion)

Company: Baidu Inc

Industry: search engine

No. 9 Chen Liling (mother) and Xu Yangyang

Wealth: 28 billion yuan ($4.24 billion)

Company: Dali Food Group

Industry: food

No. 8 Ji Kaiting and Ji Haipeng (father)

Wealth: 28.5 billion yuan ($4.32 billion)

Company: Logan Property

Industry: real estate

No. 7 Wu Chunyuan

Wealth: 29 billion yuan ($4.39 billion)

Company: AAC Technologies

Industry: acoustics technology

No. 6 Peng Lei

Wealth: 40 billion yuan ($6.06 billion)

Company: Ant Financial

Industry: Internet finance

No. 5 Zhang Yin

Wealth: 45 billion yuan ($6.82 billion)

Company: Nine Dragons Paper

Industry: environment protection

No. 4 Chen Lihua

Wealth: 50.5 billion yuan ($7.65 billion)

Company: Fu Wah International

Industry: real estate and red sandalwood museum

No. 3 Wu Yajun

Wealth: 52.5 billion yuan ($7.96 billion)

Company: Longfor Properties

Industry: real estate

No. 2 Zhou Qunfei

Wealth: 70 billion yuan ($10.61 billion)

Company: Lens Technology

Industry: electronic component manufacturing

No. 1 Yang Huiyan

Wealth: 160 billion yuan ($24.25 billion)

Company: Country Garden

Industry: real estate 

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