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China-France Anti-Domestic Violence Seminar Held in Beijing
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-12-11-
Title: China-France Anti-Domestic Violence Seminar Held in Beijing
Source: China Women's University
Release Date: December 9, 2017
Keyword: China,France,Anti-Domestic Violence,Seminar,Beijing
The second China-France Symposium on Gender Equality and the third Anti-Domestic Violence Seminar was held in Beijing on November 23. Nearly 100 experts and activists participated in the event to share their experiences and achievements in preventing domestic violence.
The experts also exchanged opinions on the challenges they face and the existing problems and obstacles in the process of promoting anti-domestic violence both in China and France.
The event was co-sponsored by the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), French Embassy in China and China Women's University (CWU). Lu Yamin, vice director of the ACWF's Liaison Department, and Gui Nan, government cooperation commissioner of the French Embassy, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.
Liu Meng, vice-president of CWU, delivered a speech during the event. She emphasized the importance of the meeting and hoped those present could create new ideas during communications with one another.
During the meeting, French experts Françoise, Maryvonne and Cecil expressed their opinions on anti-domestic violence. Lin Jianjun, professor from CWU's Law School, and Peng Di, director of the Legal Department of Hunan Women's Federation (HWF), made their speeches respectively toward the theme of the meeting.
Ye Shuiping, director of CWU's International Cooperation Department; Zhou Yingjiang, dean of CWU's Law School; and Li Ying, dean of CWU's School of International Education, presided over three separate forums and made remarks.
The French experts demonstrated the practice and achievements of France in combating domestic violence and introduced the governments' law enforcement and research results.
Françoise, project leader of the French Republic Prosecutor's Office, introduced France's current situation and focuses of work towards anti-domestic violence, and laid out the country's research findings on intimate partner violence.
Maryvonne, a prosecutor representative, introduced the French government's efforts to fight against domestic violence. Cecil, director of Paris Women's Rights and Family Information Center, presented the center's basic situation, missions and duties and shared their experiences in combating domestic violence and protecting the victims.
Chinese experts mainly introduced the country's efforts and practices in anti-domestic violence at national and local level. Lin detailed the laws and regulations system, as well as measures to protect victims and punish those responsible. Lin also introduced the Anti-Domestic Violence Law of the People's Republic of China, which came into effect on March 1, 2016.
As a grassroots worker, Peng introduced the basic situation of anti-domestic violence in central China's Hunan Province and shared HWF's innovation and experiences against domestic violence.
During the seminar, both Chinese and French experts wished to strengthen exchanges and cooperation so as to jointly promote the anti-domestic violence process. Those present shared their opinions on how to carry out concrete cooperation combating domestic violence in the two countries.
The seminar is one of the important activities under the framework of the China-France High-level Human and Cultural Exchange Mechanism. It aims to promote cultural and educational exchanges, strengthen exchanges on work for securing human rights, promote communication in the research and practice in the field of anti-domestic violence, and promote exchanges between research institutes, universities and social organizations.
This year is the second year that China's anti-domestic violence law came into effect. The event strengthened the exchange between China and French in preventing domestic violence and deepened the friendship between the two countries.
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