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90% College Students Value Relationship with Roommates: Survey
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2017-12-13-
Title: 90% College Students Value Relationship with Roommates: Survey
Source: Women of China
Release Date: December 13, 2017
Keyword: College Students, Relationship, Roommates, Survey

Nearly nine tenths (89.7 percent) of college students polled in a survey said that it is important for them to maintain a harmonious relationship with their roommates, though they sometimes have had clashes with each other over trivial issues.

The latest findings came from a study jointly conducted by the Social Survey Center of the Beijing-based China Youth Daily and the Shanghai-based survey website amongst 1,988 college students and fresh graduates.

About 88.6 percent of those polled disclosed that they have developed a harmonious relationship with their roommates in their four-years of college life, while 60.8 percent of them admitted that they have had conflicts with their roommates now and then.

The survey found that the top factors behind their clashes in daily life are differences in personal habits (59.3 percent), incompatible personalities (49.3 percent), intrusion of personal privacy and space (48.3 percent), and the shortage of communication (37.3 percent).

For instance, many college students are often at odds with each other over when to turn off the light at night and how to distribute the cleaning workload for their dormitories.

Nevertheless, over half (59.2 percent) of the respondents replied that they have fostered an intimate relationship with their roommates. A graduate student from north China’s Shanxi Province noted that as roommates, they should make joint progress in both their academic studies and extracurricular activities and take care of each other in their daily lives.

With regard to how to better manage their relationship with roommates, 64 percent of those surveyed said that they should give due respect to each other’s habits. Moreover, 62.9 percent and 52.8 percent of the polled proposed their peers to put themselves in others' shoes and strengthen their communication respectively.

In addition, the participation in common activities (36.8 percent), mutual assistance and care (34.7 percent), refusal to indulge factionalism (29.9 percent), and paying attention to the improvement of personal hygiene and the dormitories’ environment (27.6 percent) were highlighted by the respondents in an effort to improve their ties with roommates. 

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