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Straw-plaiting Sparks Entrepreneurship Among Rural Women
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-4-8-
Title: Straw-plaiting Sparks Entrepreneurship Among Rural Women
Source: Xinhua
Release Date:
Keyword: straw-plaiting, entrepreneurship, rural women

Wang Lipeng (right)and Yao Zhanfeng (left) make straw goods at Huizhen Professional Cooperative of Farmers. [Xinhua/Zhang Nan]

Rural crafts expert Wang Lipeng has made it as an entrepreneur in the past few years by starting a business selling handmade straw bags and decorative items.

In 2004, Wang, from Leshan village in Northeast China's Jilin Province, set up Leshan Huizhen Professional Farmers' Cooperative .

Her story began when she attended a program run by the local women's federation, which brought straw plaiting to her attention.

After attending classes, she started her own business, designing and braiding various straw goods based on the principles of simplicity and practicability.

Yao Zhanfeng, a member of the agency, says the business has increased their monthly incomes by over 1,000 yuan (U.S.$ 158) on average, and they have so many orders that they cannot fulfill them until the end of the year.

Her success drew the attention of many women from nearby villages. They quit their jobs in the city and went back to learn straw plaiting.

In 2016, she was chosen to be a trainer for the new professionals. Wang claimed, "Even as a rural woman, one can still make a fortune with expertise."

Wang poses for photo with her straw-plaited handicrafts. [Xinhua/Zhang Nan]

Wang checks her products. [Xinhua/Zhang Nan]

Wang and Yao check on the e-commerce site where they sell their products. [Xinhua/Zhang Nan]

(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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