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Report: Status Quo of Chinese Women's Careers in 2018
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-5-10-
Title: Report: Status Quo of Chinese Women's Careers in 2018
Release Date:
Keyword: Chinese, women, careers

One of China's largest online recruitment companies,, recently conducted a survey to analyze the job situation among female employees from different industries and of different age groups in 31 provinces across China.

The Report on the Status Quo of Chinese Women's Careers in 2018 describes women's typical personal and family backgrounds, their career choices and planning.

The report aimed to arouse the attention of society and enterprises toward female careers, thus promoting further development.

The findings indicated that women earn 22 percent less than men on average. Women's contribution to the family economy has reached 35 percent.

Meanwhile, women spend 15 percent more time in their homes than men, and nine percent less time than men at work.

35.9 percent of women put commuting convenience as the primary consideration when choosing a job, whilst men prioritize future career development.

Moreover, women are mainly engaged in business fields such as customer and financial services, whilst the dominant positions for men are in technology and production processing.

Besides, 47.2 percent of men are in management positions, 14.8 percent higher than the proportion of females.

Suggestions were made to tackle female's career imbalance.

Enterprises should establish a scientific talent selection and promotion system to ensure equal rights and opportunities for female employees.

Meanwhile, companies should set up special benefits for working parents, such as by providing flexible working hours and locations for pregnant and lactating women.

Government officials should promote the professionalization of housekeeping services, providing sound childcare, suggested the report.

As for the working women, they need to adapt to the market changes, master the new skills, keep pace with the development of their work, and maintain the scarcity of their personal value, concluded the report.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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