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High Number of College Grads 'Would Consider' Working at Grassroots Level
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-6-4-
Title: High Number of College Grads 'Would Consider' Working at Grassroots Level
Source: Women of China
Release Date:
Keyword: College Graduates, Work, Grassroots Level

China Youth Daily conducted a survey recently among 1,976 college students, learning their ideas and suggestions about their future jobs.

Of those surveyed, 30.8 percent were from first-tier cities; 47.1 percent came from second-tier cities; 18.4 percent from third or fourth-tire cities; 2.9 percent from towns or counties; and, 0.8 percent came from rural areas.

According to the results, some 82.3 percent of the students would like to work at grassroots level positions; 64.9 percent said a certain amount of their classmates have chosen to work in rural areas; 32 percent said few wanted to work at the grassroots level; and, 3.1 percent said they did not know.

When asked about their motivation to select a grassroots job, 58.4 percent of respondents said it benefits the development of their capabilities, and 54.8 percent said grassroots work helps them better understand national conditions.

Meanwhile, 54.3 percent of students said working in rural areas can cultivate a strong will power in them; 48.1 percent said they can bring more vitality to rural areas; and, 28.4 percent said they can combine theory with practice by working at such a level.

College students have made suggestions about how to do better grassroots jobs, according to the report.

Some 61 percent of those surveyed said people working at a grassroots levels must think deeply in work; 57.8 percent said they should make a clear career plan;  and, 23.9 percent said they should continue learning to improve their work ability.

When it comes to how to encourage college students to work at the grassroots levels, 81.4 percent said colleges and institutions should strengthen pre-job training and guidance; 65.1 percent said government officials should improve grassroots service policies for college students; and, 56.3 percent said college teachers should guide students to establish their own service consciousness.

Meanwhile, 55.4 percent said officials should strengthen the publicity for grassroots work; 43.2 percent said more grassroots practice and learning opportunities should be open to students; and, 30.7 percent said colleges and universities should help build the career paths for those working in grassroots levels.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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