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CCTV Hostess Delivers Speech at Elite Summit Forum
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-6-4-
Title: CCTV Hostess Delivers Speech at Elite Summit Forum
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The 2018 Central China Female Elite Summit Forum opened on April 26, featuring the participation of 30 high-achieving and inspirational women from different sectors of society.

The Forum was sponsored by Chinese news and entertainment website and was organized around the theme of “Walking with Female Elites”.
Zhang Yue, a hostess of China Central Television (CCTV), delivered a speech at the event.
"Women's success lies in having the right to choose life freely; the type of success from a career or family is not necessary," said Zhang. 
She said that, up until around 100 years ago, women were mainly focused on finding a husband and having children, rather than pursuing careers.
"Gender equality has not been totally realized. It can be measured by the proportion of men and women in the fields of schooling, employment, top management and governance," said Zhang.
It took men at least 5,000 years to govern society. For women, it took 100 years to play a part in social governance, she mentioned.
"Women should be proud of the race of women's progress over the past 100 years," Zhang added.
From her point of view, women should have the right to choose their lives freely. Women's choices need to be respected by society. Meanwhile, society should provide equal opportunity and space for women's development.
"Real female elites are those who can benefit others and the whole society whilst realizing self-development," commented Zhang.
At the same time the forum, organizers launched the Little Girl's Guardian Project.
"One of women's most important missions is to protect our kids. We need to ensure the safety of our kids and provide a good environment for their growth," said Zhang.
(Source: and edited by Women of China)


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