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China Sees Bright Future in Reading-related Culture
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-6-5-
Title: China Sees Bright Future in Reading-related Culture
Source: Women of China
Release Date:
Keyword: China, Bright, Future, Reading-related, Culture and Amazon China recently conducted a survey on the reading habits of Chinese people in 2018, indicating that most people read regularly and show a rising preference for e-books.

The survey collected 14,000 questionnaires from over 300 cities across the country.

According to the results, 48 percent of respondents have read over 10 books this year; 28 percent read around seven; 19 percent read about four; and, another five percent read fewer than three.

When it comes to their daily reading, some 47 percent of readers said they read for about an hour a day; 23 percent said they read for 1-2 hours a day; 20 percent of them read for less than half an hour; and, another 10 percent read for over two hours.

Some 74 percent of readers said they choose their reading time freely, and 26 percent have a fixed schedule.

Although they read different amount of books at different times, almost all of the readers think they benefit from the activity.

Some 85 percent said reading enriched their spiritual life; 67 percent said reading kept them away from anxiety; 53 percent said reading helped them have a better disposition; and, 46 percent said reading helped improve their working skills.

Meanwhile, more readers choose to read e-books and listen to audio books.

According to the statistics, some 55 percent of readers read both paper books and e-books; 19 percent read e-books most of the time; and, 0.24 percent mainly choose audio books.

Besides, reading preference differs among different age groups.

For those whose ages are between 38-68, classic books and historical biographies are their main choices; those from 18 to 28 like reading classics and Chinese literature; and, those under 18 love reading foreign literature.

(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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