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Online Recruitment Company Investigates Women's Careers
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-6-11-
Title: Online Recruitment Company Investigates Women's Careers
Source: Women of China
Release Date:
Keyword: Online, Recruitment, Company, Investigate, Women's Careers

One of China's largest online recruitment platform,, recently conducted a survey to analyze the job situation among female employees from different industries and of different age groups in 31 provinces throughout China.

The findings describe women's career choices and planning, and how women balance family and work, indicating that women work 47 hours a week, 4.3 hours less than men, on average.

Some 35.9 percent of women put commuting convenience as the primary consideration when choosing a job, with 34.2 percent of them preferring future career development.

According to the survey, women take the working environment, salary, interest and corporate recognition into consideration when selecting an occupation.

The four most popular jobs for women are administration, marketing, accounting and human resources, indicate the statistics.

When working at the grassroots level, the monthly income difference between men and women is not obvious, with men earning around 5,752 yuan per month and women 5,530 yuan.

However, women earn 22 percent less than men on average. "This is mainly because more male staff are in charge of the top management, which raises their income level overall," explained one of the staff responsible at

Besides, women spend two hours every day on household chores, 15 percent more than men.

Women spend 73.3 percent on household expenses. Entertainment and social contact also attract women, accounting for 31 and 30.6 percent respectively.

As for the future career plan, 58.6 percent of women prefer to achieve personal value; 44.4 percent like to accept job challenges; and, another 39 percent choose jobs with specific career planning.

(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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