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Survey: Female Job Applicants Desire Stable Positions
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-6-12-
Title: Survey: Female Job Applicants Desire Stable Positions
Release Date:
Keyword: Female, Job Applicants,, Desire, Stable Positions, a Chinese online recruitment firm, recently released its 2018 Spring Talent Flow Report, which analyses the preferences and salary expectations of female job applicants across the country.

The survey draws upon job market data, and online resumes the firm received from the job seekers on its website.
According to the results, around 60 percent of applicants wish to find a work in the educational training, medical or beauty industries; 30 percent would like to work in manufacturing or the computer industry; and, fewer than 30 percent want to work in industrial automation, electromechanical equipment or heavy industries. 
Specifically, some 84.4 percent would like to be an accountant. Around 70 percent would like to be doctors, nurses or administration staff. 
In addition, only 4.1 percent would choose positions related to transport.
"Women have a preference for relatively stable positions, where they can maximize their communication skills and their pleasant and approachable personalities," said a spokesperson from 
When it comes to their expected salary, some 64.2 percent of the female job applicants apply for positions with a monthly salary from 2,000-4,000 yuan. Male applicants still dominate positions advertized with a monthly salary over 6,000 yuan.
"Female job seekers lack confidence in going for high-salary jobs. Besides, career advancement can be more difficult for women, which has resulted in them earning less than men," concluded the staff.
(Source: and edited by Women of China)
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