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Survey: Most Youths Prefer to Wait for Soul Mate
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-6-27-
Title: Survey: Most Youths Prefer to Wait for Soul Mate
Source: Women of China
Release Date:
Keyword: Youths, Prefer, Wait, Soul Mate

A department of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China (CCYL) released a special report on May 21 which looked at young peoples' attitudes to finding a partner, getting married and starting a family.

The Contemporary Youths' Attitudes toward Love and Marriage Report was carried and published by the Your Voices Our Responsibilities, a social online platform for youth under the CCYL

The report was conducted among 3,082 youths aged from 19 to 35, of which 51.52 percent were single; 26.51 percent were married; and, 21.97 percent were in a relationship.

According to the results, most respondents said they prefer a soul mate who shares a common outlook of life and has similar goals.

Some 70 percent said they would rather take time to wait for their future husband or wife rather than falling in love in a hurry.

Some 84.9 percent value moral qualities most when choosing a mate, followed by personal character, which occupied 71.22 percent.

Besides, some 50.15 percent of men consider appearance as important, while 54.89 percent of women pay more attention to ability. Health is also an important factor for youths to choose their mates.

Nowadays young people have a relatively low opinion toward online dating, according to the statistics.

Some 60.22 percent of the youths considered it unreliable to date online; 25.41 percent said they could possibly consider online dating; and, only 14.37 percent said finding a partner online was fine.

The top three reasons why some youths have not found a mate are: small social circles, busy work and lack of initiativeness, according to the report.

Besides, some 81.47 percent considered that future career and family are both important.

When it comes to outside pressure, 49.55 percent said they receive the most pressure from family members, followed by public opinion and themselves.

The report also indicates that some 60 percent want a second child and 59.31 percent of them plan to have their first baby within two years of marriage.

In addition, most of the youths expect a traditional family arrangement where they live with their children. Only 6.26 percent plan to have no children.

Meanwhile, specific policy recommendations were proposed in the report to better improve the marriage and love services for young people.

For example, relevant officials in charge should carry out multi-themed social networking activities for youths, help them establish a scientific and healthy gender concept and create a good online dating environment for them.

(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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