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Survey: Respondents Give Opinions on How to Curb Rising Divorce Rates
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-7-2-
Title: Survey: Respondents Give Opinions on How to Curb Rising Divorce Rates
Source: Women of China
Release Date:
Keyword: Survey, Respondents, Opinions, Divorce Rates

The China Youth Daily Social Survey Center last week conducted a survey on young people's changing attitudes to marriage and divorce.

The survey was carried out in light of recent comments from authorities that divorce rates are too high, which has led to some efforts to introduce measures to curb couples from making the split.

At Yibin County People's Court in southwest China's Sichuan Province, some couples are even being asked to pass a "divorce examination paper" before they can go through with formal proceedings.

The China Youth Daily survey was carried out among around 2,000 respondents, 73.2 percent of whom said they felt that there were more divorce cases around today than ever before.

"Personality disharmony", "marital derailment" and "inconsistency of values" were cited as the three most common causes for divorce.

Some 73.3 of respondents said they supported the introduction of extra procedures to make divorce more difficult. Meanwhile, 55.4 percent said local civil affairs bureaus should be equipped with marriage counselors to try to rescue partnerships.

Of those who participated in the survey, 79.6 percent were married, 14.7 percent were unmarried, and 5.2 percent were divorced.

One 48-year-old citizen said that, compared with a decade ago, divorce cases has increased. "For example, I have relatives who divorced because the husband and wife lived separately long-term," he explained.

According to the survey, 83.8 percent of respondents believe that people's attitude towards divorce is more hasty than before.

"Now, it is not enough for young couples to know each other before they get married. The difference in many aspects may be reflected slowly in the marriage, which has become a big problem," said Ren Qing, a college student in Beijing.

Ren believes that increasing the difficulty in the divorce process will give a buffer to impulsive actions, but also worries about delaying the process in divorce cases that are affected by domestic violence.

How should couples better secure marriage? In the survey, 50 percent suggested encouraging the development of the marriage consultation industry.

"There are too many temptations around marriage. People should be cautious beforehand and confirm whether the values of the two parties are the same," said Li Yang, associate professor of the Law School of Minzu University of China.

Divorce is not a way to solve a problem. Ling Zi, an expert in marriage and love, suggested that young people with marital problems should look to themselves rather than complaining about their spouse or external conditions.

She also proposed better education in marriage. "Marriage education is important. Nowadays, many young people rely on their instincts to get married. They need to be properly guided. Young people should establish a correct view of marriage from childhood."

(Source:CNR/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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