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1st Inaugural UN's Women in Film Forum Opens in NY
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-7-4-
Title: 1st Inaugural UN's Women in Film Forum Opens in NY
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Keyword: Inaugural, UN, Women in Film Forum, New York

Participants of the Women in Film forum. []

The first United Nations' Women in Film forum opened recently in New York, where internationally-globally famous female filmmakers delivered speeches, attracting the attention of women from all around the world.

The forum was part of the 62nd session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, and was listed as a permanent part of the UN body in future.

Some 100 filmmakers from all around the globe participated at the event.

Ira Houston, the founder of the forum, said: "The forum will enhance the international influence of female filmmakers."

Ramu Damodaran, president of the forum, said he was happy to see the achievements Chinese female filmmakers gained.

Zoe Chang, a member of UN Women, presided over the meeting.

Farida Merkamitkyzv, a female film director from Kazakhstan, said female filmmakers there have made great achievements over the past decades.

Isabel Raventos from Spain said the foundation of Women in Film forum further enhances equality between men and women in the film industry.

Jessica Williamson, a female filmmaker from the U.S., said various sex scandals in Hollywood have revealed that oppression toward women still exists.

Maria Edstrom from Sweden said the Swedish government has always been encouraging women to participate in the film industry, and the proportion of female members have increased under the leadership of Anna Serner, president of the Swedish Film Institute.

Chinese first-generation female film directer Xiao Guiyun said: "China is a modern socialist country with colorful culture and a long history. It is our duty to introduce Chinese culture to the world."

In addition, the Women in Film forum organizers will open global forums in different countries and regions all around the world in the future, helping female filmmakers spread their influence to the world and protect the rights of women in rural areas.

Zoe Chang delivers a speech. []


Ira Houston delivers a speech. []

Farida Merkhamitkyzv delivers a speech. []

Isabel Raventos delivers a speech. []

Jessica Williamson delivers a speech. []

Xiao Guiyun delivers a speech. []

(Source: and edited by Women of China)


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