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Female Scientists Forum Held in Southwest China's Guizhou
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-8-7-
Title: Female Scientists Forum Held in Southwest China's Guizhou
Author: Liu Yanmei
Source: Xinhua
Release Date: 2018/8/7
Keyword: Female Scientists Forum, Southwest China, Guizhou

The Female Scientists Forum, as the part of the China Association for Science and Technology's Female Scientists Grassroots Unit Tour, aiming to discuss the responsibility and mission of female workers in new era, was held in southwest China's Guizhou Province on June 28.

At the forum, female science and technology workers from different fields and industries combined their own scientific research experience to talk about the understanding of the spirit of scientists in the new era. They also gave full play to the unique advantages of female scientists and technicians to contribute to the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.
Kang Yingqian: Beauty of Wisdom
Kang Yingqian, a professor from Guizhou Medical University, said that the sense of euphoria and achievement in scientific research and exploration is the highest level of female scientists' pursuit of beauty.
"Female scientists have their own charm. Some of them are gentle and some are humble," said Kang.
Today, many female scientists and technicians are faced with the dual pressures of family and work. The relevant ministries and agencies have issued many policies and measures to promote the development of female scientific talents.
However, due to the complexity, long-term and changing nature of gender issues, the problem of women being underrepresented in science and technology circles in China still exists.
Kang called on society to pay more attention to the situations of women science and technology workers and give more support to them in terms of income and mental care.
At the same time, she also hoped that female science and technology workers would adhere to their faith in science and become "spirits of dancing" in the scientific world.
Lü Menglan: Doing Research for the Motherland
Lü is from Guizhou Polytechnic University. As an overseas returnee, she was determined to return to her hometown of Guizhou to establish a research team after her graduation.
"My research direction is photovoltaic materials and organic chemistry. There are six researchers in our team. After returning to Guizhou, we communicated with many local companies and helped them solve their problems," said Lü.
"Achievement is inseparable from the care and assistance teachers and experts give to young scientists and technicians," Lü added.
There are many female scientist like Lü who not only make contributions to the basic scientific research field, but also increasingly reflect their value on the economy and people's livelihood.
Zha Yan: Struggling on the Front Line of Poverty Alleviation
"For people in poor areas, seeing a doctor is a very expensive and difficult thing."
As an ordinary doctor, Zha Yan, director of Renal Rheumatology at Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital, shared her experiences and thoughts at the forum.
Zha also said that the team led by Hou Fanfan, an academician of kidney disease in Guizhou, established dozens of hemodialysis rooms in extremely impoverished counties in Guizhou, solving the problem of local patients.
"Hou is a very elegant and intelligent scientist," said Zha.
She also said that without the leadership of outstanding scientists, there would be no achievements today, and hoped that more outstanding scientists will lead and guide their fellows to better employ their value.
(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)
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