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Federation Provides Women with Legal, Psychological Assistance in Tianjin
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-8-9-
Title: Federation Provides Women with Legal, Psychological Assistance in Tianjin
Author: Wang Yue
Source: Tianjin Women's Federation
Release Date: 2018/8/9
Keyword: Federation, Women, Psychological Assistance

Tianjin Women's Federation (TWF) recently held its second quarterly training course, centered around women's legal and psychological assistance, to better safeguard women's rights and interests.

At the event, Yan Yingxia, president of TWF, advocated for the outstanding achievements made by the women's legal and psychological assistance center during the past two and a half years.

With the cooperation of TWF and women's federations at all levels, a comprehensive legal and psychological service system has been established, covering all districts and featuring various characteristics in different areas.

Yan put forward three requirements for the next step of work.

First, officials should regard legal and psychological assistance for women as an important measure to provide women with targeted services. All districts should innovate services, excavate resources and use modern and intelligent measures to improve their work efficiency according to their actual conditions.

Second, officials should improve their accountability mechanism, emergency management mechanism and public satisfaction evaluation system and take effective measures to enhance their quality of services.

Third, officials should integrate assistance services with the promotion of safe families and the mediation of family disputes so as to form a good work environment for mutual development.

Moreover, the training creatively introduced a thematic lecture and invited Zhao Ming, visiting professor of the Overseas Exchange Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and member of the Committee of Experts of Social Psychological Service of the National Health Commission, to give a lecture.

Zhao applied different methods, such as role play, interactive experiences and case analysis, to explain how to enjoy a successful marriage and how an original family can affect children's marriage values.

Participants at the event praised the lecture and said they gained rich knowledge from it.

Furthermore, representatives from the women's federations of Binhai New Area and Beichen District and Tianjin R&N Psychological Counseling Company expressed their opinions at the event.

The women's federation of Binhai New Area paid attention to the standard management of the female legal and mental health center by integrating it into the public legal service system, the promotion of a safe Binhai, and the creation of a good development atmosphere.

Officials of Beichen District Women's Federation devoted their efforts to strengthening cooperation with relevant departments to tackle women's psychological problems.

Representatives of the R&N company compromised to provide women with intimate services and help them live brighter lives.

Over 100 heads of women's federations and representatives throughout the districts participated in the event.

(Source: Tianjin Women's Federation/Translated and edited by Women of China)
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