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Only-child Returnees Share Opinion on Factors Affecting Career Plans
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-8-29-
Title: Only-child Returnees Share Opinion on Factors Affecting Career Plans
Author: Liu Yanmei
Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition
Release Date: 2018/8/14
Keyword: Only-child, Opinion, Career Plans

Chinese media recently reported on two overseas only child returnees, Miao Wandi and Yang Rui, who both shared their opinions on the topic of their parents and explained how that affects their career plans.

The number of returnees has continued to increase in recent years. More and more of these returnees are only children who have no brother or sister.

According to the latest survey, the proportion of only children among returnees is 70.8 percent, far surpassing the number of those with one or more siblings.

For this select group, family factors will inevitably have a strong influence on their career plans, say experts.

At the earliest stage of their career, most of them will not have started their own family, so they will bear more consideration to their parents.

On one hand, they should take the responsibility of supporting and caring for their parents. On the other hand, their parents' wishes and ideas will also influence their career choices and plans.

Short-term Vs Long-term

"Take care of your parents in the future” is the general mindset of the majority of only-child returnees.

For them, as their parents get older, family factors will have a greater impact on them in the long term. But at the early stage, they pay more attention to the realization of personal value and career ideals.

Miao studied at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom and worked for a famous car company for five years before returning to China.

When asked if family factors had influenced her career plans, she said the effect was insignificant in the short term.

"When applying for a job, I think more about which enterprises are more suitable for me, or which cities can provide more development opportunities. Being close to home is not a key factor,"said Miao.

Although she now lives in a different city from her parents and can only return home during the holiday season, she does not think there's much to worry about at this stage in her life.

"However, as my parents grow older, it is hard for them to take care of themselves in life. I will consider adjusting my job to take care of them,"Miao added.

Enlightened Parents Vs Grateful Only Child

As an only child returnee, how much is career planning influenced by the wishes and ideas of Miao's parents?

"My parents are open-minded and they give me full freedom in career choice. Although they sincerely hope that I can accompany them or work in a city close to my home, they also hope that I can have a better platform for development,"said Miao.

The feeling of "giving back to her parents for the sake of their upbringing" has also become a driving force for her career in the workplace and affected her career planning.

Financial Pressures Vs Career Planning

Like all young people entering the workplace, only children returnees also have financial pressures in their lives.

Without siblings, they are left alone to take care of their parents and are often caught in a dilemma in their career plans.

Yang, a graduate of the University of Manchester in UK, works for a foreign company in Xiamen, southeast China's Fujian Province. She hopes that being an only child will get some subsidies for buying a house.

"Xiamen's houses prices are so high that I cannot afford one with my current income. Without the help of brothers and sisters, it is really difficult for me to cover both the family's daily expenses and save money to buy a house,"said Yang.

"Therefore, I have been expecting that the housing purchase policy will be favorable to us as only children,"Yang added.

(Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition/Translated and edited by Women of China)
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