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Shanghai Hosts Finals of Women Entrepreneurship Contest
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-8-29-
Title: Shanghai Hosts Finals of Women Entrepreneurship Contest
Author: Shen Li
Source: Women Voice
Release Date: 2018/8/27
Keyword: Shanghai, Finals, Women Entrepreneurship Contest

Shanghai Women's Federation held the finals of the second Women Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum on July 27, in collaboration with several other organizations from the city's Pudong District. 

Fifteen teams took part in the finals, with each team making a six-minute presentation and a two-minute defense. Judges scored the contestants, whilst audiences voted on their favorites. 

In the end, Eteli Port Emergency Operation Service Platform won first prize in the enterprises group, whilst the Happy Mother team championed in the programs group.
Last year, the top 10 teams all won investments from the Mayi Xiongbing Fund and have since experienced rapid development, according to organizers.

For example, the Good Father entrepreneur team have increased their staff numbers and seen business surge after they received a three million yuan investment from the fund. Last month they obtained a second round of financing and the scale of the company has grown by a factor of seven.

Meanwhile, women's federations and organizations at every level in Pudong have continuously focused on the teams and programs and encouraged female entrepreneurs' growth, ushering in more capable women to start up businesses and fulfill their value in contributing to the city's development, said a spokesperson.

(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)


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