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Cross-Straits Sci-Tech Forum Held in Beijing
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-9-18-
Title: Cross-Straits Sci-Tech Forum Held in Beijing
Author: Xie Wen
Source: Women of China
Release Date: 2018/9/11
Keyword: Cross-Straits Sci-Tech Forum, Beijing

Beijing Women's Federation (BWF), , the Association of Chinese Women from Beijing, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas and the Taiwan Women's League (TWL) jointly organized the women's sub-forum of the 21st Beijing-Taiwan Science and Technology Forum on August 24 in the capital.

The forum drew over 170 female sci-tech workers and entrepreneurs from related associations, Party organizations, women's associations and district women's federations from Beijing and Taiwan.
Cai Shumin, President of BWF, congratulated the forum's opening and delivered a speech.

She said that, on the basis of previous exchanges and cooperation, the forum would further explore the integration and development of industries and cities, and seek ways and methods to promote cooperation in high-tech industries and high-quality development.

The meeting will inevitably inject new vitality to economic development and prosperity into Beijing and Taiwan, Cai added.

She hoped that female compatriots from the two places could strengthen in-depth exchanges; become closer through their sisterhood; broaden the scope of cooperation; and, highlight the leading role of science and technology.

Furthermore, she hoped that participants could strengthen exchanges in emerging and high-tech industries; seek integration and development to further enhance shared force and cohesiveness; and, promote the establishment of a community of shared future for people in the two places.

Speaking at the ceremony, Huang Xihui, head of the Taiwan Women's Delegation and president of TWL, expressed her gratitude towards BWF for its hospitality.

She believes that with the popularization of education and the development of science and technology, women's economic participation and thinking become more independent and confident, and women will play a unique role in each field.

She also declared that TWL will not forget their original aspirations and actively promote the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations with women’s soft power.

Sun Qixiang, president of the Capital Women Professors' Association and a professor of the School of Economics of Peking University, along with Lü Jinmei, president of Taiwan Taimei Investment Co., delivered keynote speeches on technological innovation.

Meanwhile, 10 attendees from Beijing and Taiwan shared their frontier concepts and stories regarding high-tech, entrepreneurial development, bio-ecology, and health care in their respective fields and professions.

The participants later held a heated discussion on promoting high-tech industry cooperation and promoting career development, which filled the ceremony with a lively atmosphere.

Compared with previous years, the forum gathered even more participants and spokespersons. More than 90 representatives from Beijing attended, as well as nearly 50 guests from Taiwan, including 12 keynote speakers and spokespersons, all of whom came from different industries and fields.

Besides, the forum set the stage for several achievements. The forum also saw the signing of eight cooperation agreements between CCCG Real Estate Co., Yiyangkang Health Management Co., and Beijing Laoshe Teahouse Co. and others, which cover many aspects and reflect the theme of technology, culture and health.

During the forum, BWF also accompanied Taiwan guests to visit the offices of the All-China Women's Federation, the All-China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots, Beijing Municipal Committee of Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League, as well as Huairou Science City, and inspected the Xiong'an New Area in Hebei province, North China.

Members of the delegation were impressed by Beijing's rapidly developing high-tech industry, the booming growth of women's and children's causes, and the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Urban Agglomeration.

In addition, they sincerely hoped to maintain friendly exchanges with female peers in Beijing, to further expand and enrich the scope and content of women's cooperation between Beijing and Taiwan, and to improve the level of communication.

(Women of China)
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