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Women, Children's Centers Play Significant Roles in C China Province
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-9-18-
Title: Women, Children's Centers Play Significant Roles in C China Province
Author: Wang Yue
Source: Women of China
Release Date: 2018/9/17
Keyword: Women, Children's Centers, China, Province

Several women and children's centers have been set up in the city of Changde in central China's Hunan Province to provide more convenient services.

Xinpo, a residential community in Wuling District, Changde, established a 600-square-meter Children's Home to protect minors last year.

Both professional organizations and social volunteers make joint efforts to support the center.

The Children's Home in Xinpo Community is equipped with a reading room, multifunction rooms, chat room, counseling room, bedrooms, kitchen and dining room, as well as a children's playground and recreation activities areas outdoors.

The center also offers all-round services involving learning, accommodation and entertainment to children in need such as "left-behind" children, children in single-parent families and children who are physically-impaired.

Changde Women's Federation also established a rights protection platform for protecting women and children's legal interests and ensuring their healthy development in the city's women and children's development center.

The rights protection site is equipped with eight rooms that have different functions including family dispute mediation room, legal consultation room, psychological counseling room, reading room and relaxation room.

Professional consultants, lawyers and psychologists are invited to provide rights protection services for women and children with support from both experts and volunteers.

Up till now, 23 cases on marriage and family; two cases involving legal assistance; and, one case on domestic violence were solved, and 93 lectures popularizing the protection of girls have been offered. A total of 9,779 children have benefited from the services so far.

The local women and children's development center also organize various kinds of training sessions on a regular basis, such as public welfare lectures, handicraft shows and female job exhibitions to enrich local women and children's lives.

(Women of China)
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