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S China City Establishes Laws, Policies Gender Equality Assessment Mechanism
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-9-26-
Title: S China City Establishes Laws, Policies Gender Equality Assessment Mechanism
Author: Xie Wen
Release Date: 2018/9/21
Keyword: Laws, Policies, Gender Equality Assessment Mechanism

The Nanning Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Legal Work Committee, the Nanning Municipal Legislative Affairs Office, and Nanning Women's Federation jointly issued the a document on establishing a gender equality assessment mechanism for local laws, regulations and policies in Nanning.

This is also the first local gender equality assessment mechanism established in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, south China.

According to an official, Nanning will establish an associated committee as a municipal gender equality assessment agency, which is comprised of experts and scholars specializing in law, women's studies and related practical work. They will also establish a team of experts to carry out consultation and evaluation regarding gender equality.

The document clarifies the responsibilities of the assessment agency, which include actively participating in the whole process of drafting laws and policies that involves women's rights, focusing on promoting the mainstreaming of gender equality in decision-making, and ensuring that women's legitimate rights and interests and special rights are represented in laws and policies.

Relevant officials also urged to actively participate in the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of relevant laws and regulations and propose amendments and suggestions on the laws and regulations that violate the principle of gender equality.

In addition, activities such as promotions, training and seminars should be constantly held to enhance general public’s awareness of gender equality and create a good rule-of-law atmosphere for promoting gender equality and empowering women.

Furthermore, the document established the consultation and evaluation work procedures. Relevant officials should provide written evaluation reports for the implementation of the laws and regulations; summarize the opinions and suggestions, and submit to relevant units or departments, who shall reply timely.

According to the head of the Legal Department of Nanning Women's Federation, the assessment mechanism has introduced gender perspective into the formulation, implementation and monitoring of laws, policies, rules and regulations in order to avoid institutional gender discrimination, and protect women’s legitimate rights and interests from the source.

(Source: Translated and edited by Women of China)
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