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SW China City Claims Productive Achievements in Protecting Women, Children
Source:Chinese Women's Research Network | Release Date:2018-9-30-
Title: SW China City Claims Productive Achievements in Protecting Women, Children
Author: Xie Wen
Release Date: 2018/9/29
Keyword: Productive Achievements, Protecting Women, Children

Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality has made breakthroughs in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of women and children in the past year, according to officials at the 2018 plenary meeting of the Women and Children's Working Committee hosted by Chongqing People's Government on August 21.

As reported in the meeting, in terms of the healthcare of women and children, the city has achieved 90.89 percent coverage for its maternal system management, 90.72 percent for its system management rate for children under three, and 86.1 percent as its screening rate for common women's diseases.

Compared with 2017, indicators of all the aspects show an upward trend. The average life expectancy of women in the city has reached 80.3 years, an increase of 0.32 years in 12 months, said an official.

In addition, the right to education of women and children has further been guaranteed. The net enrollment rate of primary school-age children reached 99.99 percent; the rate of children at junior high school reached 99.84 percent; and, 35 districts and counties in the Municipality of Chongqing have achieved basic compulsory education.

Chongqing also vigorously promoted women's entrepreneurship and employment. Last year, a total of 14,400 women were subsidized to start their own businesses, and 1.65 billion yuan (U.S.$ 240 million) in women's entrepreneurship guarantee loans were issued. Among the newly increased urban job positions, 46.3 percent were occupied by women.

Moreover, the proportion of female professional technicians, middle and senior professional technicians and senior professional technicians in the public economic enterprises and institutions in the city accounted for 51.92 percent, 45.81 percent and 36.39 percent, respectively, and the proportion of female professional and technical personnel continued to increase.

As for women's and children's social security, the number of women participating in basic medical insurance among urban workers in Chongqing rose to 2.983 million; the number for women participating in unemployment insurance was 2.0195 million, and 1.951 million employed women participated in work-related injury insurance, which shows is a steady increase in all the respects mentioned above, as compared with previous year.

In protecting legitimate rights and interests of women and children, the urban area has achieved full coverage of alarm centers, comprehensive management offices, community comprehensive treatment workstations, domestic violence complaint centers, as well as 14 districts and counties rescue management stations to set up domestic violent shelters.

The city's courts have established 43 women's rights defense collegiate panels, and issued 136 personal safety protection orders in 2017.

The number of women's legal aid work stations in the city increased to 41, and 7,302 women have received legal aid. Some 37 districts and counties established a land contract arbitration commission, and have accepted 186 disputes over women's land rights so far.

Furthermore, the living conditions of women and children of special groups in Chongqing have also been continuously improved. The city has implemented barrier-free facilities for 4,330 physically-impaired women and children, and built 45 standardized demonstration community rehabilitation stations, providing functional training, psychological counseling, rehabilitation referrals, disability prevention and other rehabilitation services, and 3,000 impoverished children have received rehabilitation assistance.

Last year, the city invested a total of 18.646 million yuan (U.S.$ 2.7 million) to classify and help disadvantaged preschool children and enrolled students. In addition, 2,221 children with leukemia and congenital heart disease have received special assistance, and over 7,300 rural women with disability received practical technical training.

(Source: Translated and edited by Women of China)
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